We Tied The Knot!!!

On New Year’s Eve Colin and I along with our besties and some of our immediate family members gathered in one of the small rooms of our current apartment and became husband and wife.  Our wedding anniversary is officially January the 1st.  We thoroughly enjoyed our very private ceremony.  It was probably the most inexpensive wedding any of the people attending have ever attended or ever will attend.

My saving grace! Checke her out at sonosings.com!!

My new husband and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day!  My best friend, Rachel, was able to make it and be the Maid of Honor and I don’t think I could have asked for a better Maid.  Originally I did not think Rachel was going to be able to make it and thought I could do it without a maid of honor—boy Rache sure did prove that theory wrong.  I needed her and she was there for me.  I love you Rache and literally cannot thank you enough!

Colin’s Best Man was Miles, who gave a beautiful toast and did such a good job reading the Shakespeare sonnet I asked him to read.  Colin was glad to have Miles by his side to help him get through a stressful day.  Miles took Colin’s mind off the ceremony by watching the best collegiate football team play ball—that would be OU football of course!

All in all it was a great ceremony!  My cousin, Amy, and her husband, Greg, were able to be there and take pictures and Greg even recorded it.  Colin’s mother also was there taking pictures.  Colin’s other good friend, Scott, was able to join us along with Colin’s Father, Clyde, and his wife, Linda.

So that my grandmother was not left out we called her on the phone and she

was able to hear everything!  She said that she cried before, during, and after.  Just a side note—whenever I would get nervous I would glance down at my phone and know that Mamaw was right there beside me!

We went to New Orleans on our Honeymoon.  We didn’t spend a whole week but instead just a long weekend.  We stayed at Aston’s Bed and Breakfast.  It was AMAZING food and we loved our room!  It was awesome.  We walked everywhere and really enjoyed the wonderful Cajun cuisine.  We visited Café Du Monde twice and quickly learned that sharing beignets is not an option for us so, on our second trip we knew to make it a double order of beignets!  Oh and I have never seen SO MUCH powder sugar in my life!

We are now back at home and Colin is back at work and I am in my last full semester of school!  We are moving in to our new place in two weeks!  I will fill ya’ll in as there is more exciting adventures on the way!

I have posted more pictures in our gallery!  Enjoy.


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