Ok so as most of you know Colin and I got married at 12.01 am on January 1, 2010.  We then went on a 4 day honeymoon to New Orleans and I promised to keep you posted with updates….well here they are!

NO was a blast!  We stayed in Ashton’s B&B.  It was my first time in a B&B and I loved it.  After we were wed we took Southwest’s first flight out of Dallas to NO and I wore my wedding gown through the airport!  Nothing makes you feel more special than all the “Congratulations” you get as you walk through airport security!  We had so much fun with it all.  When we got to Ashton’s we crashed.  We were so exhausted and it was only 9.30 in the AM so we went to bed and laid down and took a nap.  We got up around 11 and had lunch then explored NO.

Cafe du Monde

I didn’t realize the city was so small!

Those who have been know this but I didn’t; outside of the French Quarter there isn’t that much to do but we did enjoy all the food and Cafe du Monde was a regular stop for us.  It was the way we would end each day….over a cup of cafe au lait and beignets.

We got a great couples massage at Spa Atlantis and just overall had a very relaxing time.  I put some pictures up in the gallery and I hope that yall enjoy them.

As yall remember I’m sure, Dallas got hit with some unusual weather this winter and we received over a foot of snow!  Having spent 5 years living in Tulsa, Oklahoma I was no stranger to a little snow, but this was crazy!

Kalie on top of a picnic table with Colin

The pooch LOVED it and refused to allow Colin to build a snowman of any sort.  She was convinced, I’m sure, that this was for her and for her alone.

I know that you might have seen scores of pictures of Dallas covered in snow, but I thought why not put a few on here too.  I hope yall enjoy the photos, we enjoyed making the memory!


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