Bringing Cake to the Birthday Girl

So I turned the 26 a few weeks ago!  We had had plans of dashing off to a wonderful little B&B but alas Baylor Medical still thinks that half of our income should go to paying the medical bills.  Instead we stayed in Dallas.  We had a wonderful dinner at Dunstons–“The best $8 steak money can buy!” Colin–and Mrs Pam and Jay were able to join us in the fun.  Colin bought my most favoritest cake ever! Whole Foods makes a cake called berry chantilly cake and it is to die for!  He was sweet enough to bring the cake to me at lunch–I love my husband.  Mrs Pam and Jay bought me presents–cook books and magazines PLUS a recipe organizer.  I desperately needed one.  Then on Saturday she came and helped Colin and I clean our house!  What more could you ask for?  It was a great birthday but we didn’t document it with pictures I have one that was taken by a co-worker while we were at lunch and I’m posting it here instead of in the gallery since it is just the one picture.


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