May 2010 in the Cumbie World

Ok so there have been three events that have happened over the past few months.  I was going to wait until I could post pictures so that everybody could have fun looking on as I told the wonderful story of my life in the month of May but alas….I don’t know how to get the pictures out of my husband’s camera so ya’ll are just gonna have to use your imaginations!  And hopefully on a fateful night in the not to distant future Colin will take the pictures out of his camera and put them on my computer and then there will be visual aid to my story telling.

So let’s go back to hot and steamy May….

May 1, 2010
The Rowe family—my maternal Grandparents’ family—has a family reunion the first Saturday of every May.  We’re kinda like the mailman, rain, sleet, snow, the reunion carries on!  It’s honestly difficult at times for me to choose between Christmas and Mayday of which is my favorite holiday.  I really enjoy getting to see everybody every year and over the past few years my generation of Rowe descendants have all grown up most of us are married and some of us have kiddos or are preggers—Juliet and Anamichelle!!  This year it was so surreal—when did we all grow up?—but fun to see how everybody’s life has progressed.

My mother-in-law came this year.  It was important to me for her to meet my Grandmother, Mamaw.  My Grandparents did a lot of the rearing and so I am a lot like Mamaw and she means the world to me.  My Grandfather, Papaw, is my hero but he has Alzheimer so I enjoy telling him over and over that I’m his favorite!  At least for those few moments that he might believe me!

Mayday is basically like Thanksgiving except in May and it’s generally hotter.  Tons of family and tons and tons of food!  It’s the best Saturday ever and the fur child gets to run around the farm and swim in the pond which is plus ‘cause she sleeps for 3 or 2 days straight!!

May 15, 2010
So this was a very important day indeed.  I graduated from UTD with my Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Humanities emphasis on Performing Arts!  What do you do with a BA in A&H?  Whatever I want!  At the time this goes to press I will be still currently seeking a job.  I have been on several interviews most of them some form of Sales but one was with a financial company.  I found one job that just went down my check list of most perfect job ever but it has a built in catch 22 associated with the job.  I also have two dream jobs that I would love to pursue but in this wonderful opportunistic economy they aren’t business that thrive.  I have several friends that say just go for it, do your research and put together a website and just do it.  So I might begin “just doing it” part-time, at least until I can build up my clientele.  Who knows what the future holds—I do opportunity and financial stability!

My family of 2 plus the one fur child, we are going to begin pursuing with “Gazelle-like intensity” the Dave Ramsey plan.  We want to be out of debt minus the school loans (maybe—we don’t have a grand total of how I have in loans) in 24-12 months!  Whistles go Whoooooot!

May 22, 2010
So when I married Colin my immediate family expanded to a new Momma, a new Step-Father, two new brothers and a new sister!  Well the big sis got married on May 22nd.  It was a beautiful wedding with lots of cool stuff.  I didn’t take many pictures because, well to be honest I completely forgot, but the photog did a great job and took at least a bazillion!  The ceremony was at the Royal Lane Baptist Church and the reception was at the Westin.  Cortney looked stunning and had a blast.  There were two choreographed dances and tons of dancing by the guests.  Colin and I did a romantical reading of How Do I Love Thee—we kissed at the end!  Anyway, wedding was great, I assume the honeymoon was magical, and now we return to the real world.

…So that was our May 2010, full of exciting events and family time.  Now we wait for a job and life to continue on.  Nothing big planned in the near future—I don’t think but we shall see.  Pictures to hopefully go up soon, so keep checking back.  Till then—ciao!


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