Float Trip 2010

So on July 9-11 Colin and I went down to New Brunsfels and floated the Guadalupe River with some of our friends.  Colin had never floated the river before and he really enjoyed it.

If you have never floated a river before or if you have never floated the Guadalupe, then indulge me.  On the Guadalupe there are rapids.  Now they are not like double black diamond, or however you rate rapids, but they aren’t so small that you could wade across the current either.  Colin and I opted to rent a 2 man raft to travel down the river, the others wanted to be more true to the “float spirit” and rented inner tubes.

Several of the tubes flipped and we did have a few casualties but we all made it down the river in at least one piece.  We did lose the beer cooler once and the madness that ensued to “rescue” the fallen beer was hysterical to say the least.

While on the river a few of us girls decided that it would be fun to train for and run a half marathon.  Now as some parties in this conversation were on the other side of sober I expected this endeavor to never really be mentioned again……I was wrong (more on that later.)

After floating the river we ventured back to the hotel where Colin and I ate lunch and promptly took a nap, we were operating on about 3 hours of sleep, thank you BK.  😉  At around 7.30 or so we got up and decided to go to Grune Hall.  This has to be one of the most fun Honky Tonks ever!

It is in Grune, Tx and has a “bar” area and a huge dance floor.  It has 0 air conditioning and only a few overhead fans.  I don’t think I have ever sweated so much in my life!  I was advised to wear jeans, one again thank you Ms BK, and that was the wrong choice, but none the less I had fun and danced for 4-3 hours with Kate and Brittany, or should I say Kanga.  The girl NEVER stops jumping—ever!

Sunday morning on the way home we indulged in breakfast at Kerbey Lane.  It was wonderful and great cure for any hangovers.  Colin and I had a blast and really enjoyed floating and partying with everybody.  It was truly awesome.  Thanks to every one for a memory making weekend!

Editor Correction:
It was brought to my attention that I failed to mention a very important member of this trip and influence that this presence had on all of our lives.  It is with deep regret that we did not make it back to Dallas with Stick.  He was a great stick, he was strong for his size and we had great expectations for him in our lives.  He will be missed and his memory will live on forever–RIP: Stick July, 10 2010



  1. kate j.

    it’s true, bk does not stop jumping. ever. her nickname is one that requires little explanation. but more importantly, you failed to mention stick in your post. have you forgotten his memory already??

    i’m glad you guys had fun on the trip! we’ll have to make it a yearly thing!

    • cumbiedays

      Kate this grave mistake has been corrected. I wrote this post at work and for a brief moment allowed the weight of scanning documents to cloud my judgment. Hopefully Stick understands this, and will forgive me from his big river in the sky.

      An annual float trip is the best idea ever!

      • kate j.

        truer words have never been spoken (written) about stick. he was an understanding stick, and i’m sure he has forgiven you.

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