…Another One Bites the Dust…

Well, as none of you know, my cousin came into town last weekend.  He lives in Tulsa and is a pretty cool dude.  We are pretty close as I used to live with him and his parents while I lived in Tulsa.

So Luke, the cousin, came into town for the weekend and Colin and I wanting to show him a good time rented Segway’s for a day.
Thank you Texas Segway’s for letting us rent your machines!  We thought that since Luke had never ridden a Segway this would be a fun way to see Dallas…

[I want to take this time to say that Colin and I have ridden Segway’s before.  We enjoy them extremely and we have gone on many different tours.  So before I continue I just want it known that this wasn’t my first time ever on a Segway.]

…and Luke had never ridden one before!  So we got them on Friday evening and when we picked him up we surprised him with Segway’s in the trunk of the Explorer.  We did a little preliminary riding when we got home before we had to leave to see a movie.  We were all enjoying the stares and the looks that people were giving us around the park and were looking forward to Saturday when were going to get ride them all day!

Saturday we get up and eat breakfast and start out on our ride around uptown and downtown Dallas.  We ride up to just south of Knox/Henderson and then we turn around and ride Cole down to McKinney Ave.  We crossed over the highway and then went over to the West End and over to see the 1st home in Dallas and then to see where Kennedy was shot.  We saw his memorial, and then we went to the Cattle Drive by the Convention Center.

This is where we saw the guys taking a paid tour of downtown Dallas on Segway’s. We on the other hand were free.  I could do whatever I wanted on my Segway and on top of that I didn’t have to wear a helmet and look stupid!  I could go helmetless and be my own woman.  So I did what any self-respecting free Segway rider would do…I proceeded to flaunt my freedom…that would show them just how bad they actually had it!  I decided that one of the gravel paths where the cows are actually positioned would be a great choice of a stage.  So I took off up the gravel path at a speed that I probably shouldn’t have….and then I lost my balance.

This is a bad thing on a Segway as they are propelled by you shifting your body weight slightly (and I really mean slightly, it’s more like you think forward and then your Segway moves forward.).  I lost my balance and was then doing the awkward dance of flinging my body forward and backward.  In doing so every time I lunged a different direction the Segway violently started to careen in that direction.  Eventually I was catapulted forward where I skipped like a rock across the gravel.  My left leg somehow got the worst of it, leg wise that is, and my right hand got the worst of it hand wise.

I have road rash on both of my hands—but the right is much worse; my left knee is blue, black and green; my left big toe no longer has a whole toe nail but just barely half a nail, and there is little to 0 skin on top of my big toe; my first little toe is also turning interesting shades of blue and green and my left ankle is swollen!  Luke laughed.  Colin was upset that I hurt myself, and was a little perturbed that my flip flop was filling with blood from my toe. (That’s right ladies and gentlemen I wore flip flops to ride the Segway’s—laugh it up!)  I just smiled and said, “I’m great!  It’s no big deal, I’ll be fine!  Help me stand up and we ca–…Oh my goodness I think I’m going to be sick!”

So now I look like I just got back from a fight with a cat and I lost!  Needless to say I am walking with a limp and can’t fit my foot in a shoe, so I can’t run.  This is upsetting that I can’t run because I was getting to the point where I didn’t hate running.  Does anybody have any suggestions for an alternative?  I don’t belong to a gym and I don’t think I’m going to join one just because I can’t walk much less run.

So that was our weekend.  Segway’s, crashing Segway’s, and lots of fun.  We were glad to play host to Luke and hope that he had as much fun with his two old cousins as we did with him.  We can’t wait to do it again—minus the crashing part of course!


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  1. Kelbe

    If you can’t run, swim, bike, or do anything that will get your cardio up, or you can use this time to cross train. Go to Runnersworld.com and they should have tons of exercises you can do in your house, to build up your legs, and your core.

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