101..102..104..Running–No Ma’am!

Ok, so if you’ve kept up, you know what happened two or three weeks ago…Not re-capping if you don’t keep up, you’ll have to go back and read if don’t choose to stay informed (there are good pics though–blood and guts and stuff!).

Well now that I can wear closed toed shoes Col and I wanted to take up running during the evenings again, but it’s still 101 degrees outside at freaking 9 o’clock (yeah I just typed out “o’clock”)!  So I’m not sure where this puts me on the failure scale.  Col won’t get up before 6.30AM and he for sure won’t run in the mornings cause, well, he says he feels like he sweats all day if he starts the day with a run.  Which I totally get!  I wouldn’t want to feel hot all day wearing a suit either.  But we really don’t want to run wHen it’s triple digits out.  Plus how safe is that really?!

My next thought was, we could join a gym.  We live in condos and so there is no “gym and pool” in our little community.  The gym at my office would charge us $100/mo for both of us to join.  Is that outrageous?  I don’t know what to do now? Where is the de-fatter fairy when you need her?!

Now for the teaser—
After Wednesday be looking for pictures of how things are changing in our life!


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