“THE UPDATE”…sans pictures

Ok I was trying to not post anything until I had pictures by Colin and my life right now is a bit topsy turvey, and I don’t have the time.  So here are the wonderful fillers to teasers you might have seen on FB and here.  SPOILER ALERT:  One is kinda gross!

I cut my hair!!!  So it is short, and the good news is I get to go shorter.  Ultimately it will be pixie short, think tinker bell, but as of right now it is too short to put up in a pony and a very few strands actually are long enough to reach my jaw line.  It isn’t an angled bob–no offense to anybody who has one, I just do not want one again–I’ve already had one.

I colored my hair!!! It’s red!  I know I know I’ve been various shades of rojo.  This one isn’t too dark, and it isn’t orange either…It’s rich and red.  I wanted a more “rocker” red but of course I would–my job probably is greatful that I didn’t go rocker red.

Thursday morning–early at like 8.30am–I got an IUD.  So for the pain they gave me Vicodin, and for the first 48 hours I have needed it.  On Thursday I was practically constantly drugged, and on Friday I wasn’t much better.  But hey no babies for 5 years!!!!  We can all cheers to that!  God blessed me with the bestest husband ever!  He has taken such good care of me and I’m a huge baby when I feel awful.

So that is the news in Cumbie Land…stay around for more excitement and adventure still to come  😉


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