Counting Down the Days….

So Colin has been in Chi-town for a week and a day!  It’s the first time we’ve been apart since we got married AND I think it’s the longest we’ve gone with out seeing each other.  So, as sappy and mushy as this is–I really miss my husband.

He is doing well though and has several second interviews as well as a couple final interviews coming up this week.  Thoughts and prayers that at least one of them lead to a job is much appreciated.  He flies back into town on September the 11th at 10.00 am.  I’ll pick him up, then off we go to sell Chloe and then we begin our drive to our new home!

We are downsizing again.  We love our 930 sq/ft of awesomeness here in Dallas but in Chicago we will be in 750 sq/ft.  We had less at the Mercantile on Main St.. so since we’ve done it once before I know we can do it again!  It’s only for a year!  That’s what I keep telling myself.

I spent my last weekend at my grandparents house.  Getting to see Mamaw and Papaw again was awesome.  If all goes according to plan then we’ll be back for Thanksgiving.  I love spending Thanksgiving at the farm.  The whole family will be there and we’ll have so much to talk about.

The condo is almost completely packed and we ship out on the 11th.  There is a going away party on the 10th, we’ll be out getting drinks and saying good bye to the Big D!  Know that there is an open invitation to anyone who wants to come help me pack and or get a drink with us on the 10th!  My final night in this city!

Dallas we had fun!  The memories the exploration and the friends.  Now it’s time to count down to good-bye.  We’re off to meet new people, get new jobs, and explore new places.  Making memories along the way.  Here’s to Dallas–it was fun while it lasted.  Here’s to Chicago–here come the Cumbies…get ready!


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