We Made It!!!

15 hours in a uhual+a dog+little to no sleep=the beginning of one crazy adventure!!

I told Colin that I feel like I can relate to Moses’, Abraham’s, or Noah’s wife at this point.  “You want to do what honey?…Are you sure?…Well, ok I’m your wife and I will embark on this adventure with you!”

We made it to Chicago safe and sound.  Nobody attempted to kill anybody–not even the dog.  There was a moment I think when Kalie looked at Colin and seemed to ask, “Dad is this what the rest of our life is gonna be like?  What have you done?  Why, Dad, why?”  This moment of uncertainty passed after we got to Chicago and she enjoyed the dog beach that is across the street from our place!  Yes we let the dog play in the lake and sand BEFORE we found the towels and dog shampoo….hey that’s what brooms are for: to clean up all the sand!

So we live in 750 sq/ft and I have posted some pictures of our place with all the boxes in it…I’ll take more as we unpack boxes.  But over all we are loving Chicago and being in the city.  We walk EVERY WHERE and it’s just great.  Now we’ll see just how “great” it is when November-April get here…apparently Chicago gets all 4 seasons here and they don’t skimp on the Winter part!  This poor little Texan…we get what 1 3/4: Summer and a pinch of Winter, a dash of Fall and a hint of Spring?!


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