Oktoberfest…Let the Drinking Begin

Ok so last weekend I had decided on Friday night that I wanted a fun filled weekend with Colin.  No sleeping in, no wasting the day, no we were going to get up early and go forth and DO!  I scoped out some seemingly fun things to do and made a little map of how to get to said activities.  I then emailed this route of fun to each of us so that we could easily access this from our phones…does anybody see where this is going??!!!

First stop on our “Day of Exploring” was a flea market.  It was written up on Google maps as one of Chicago’s longest running flea markets and a place to find some “interesting finds!”  We got up early, say 8.00am so we could walk the dog, pack the back pack (you don’t leave home w/o a back pack here!), get dressed.  I was getting excited.  I thought ooo

this could be super fun and who knows, I’ve never found anything fun before but this could be THE day that I do!  Well, we get there and after walking around and re-looking up the address, Colin points out some small print that I didn’t see…”CLOSED PERMANENTLY.”

This is me trying to make a sad face

This is me trying to make a sad face

We were disappointed but I thought oh well, we hadn’t seen south Chicago before….probably won’t go see it again either.  We took some cool pictures, check the gallery, and then we were off to our next stop.

So that was the “Cheap Flea Market,” so cheap they closed, and this next place was the “Expensive Flea Market!”  This place I found out about in my Daily Candy email.  If you don’t  subscribe I highly recommend that you do, it’s a cool e-mail that lets you know about local happenings, often by local businesses.  So I knew this place was gonna be a look-don’t-touch place but I still wanted to scope it out, I’m a push over for 15th century anything especially French furniture!

You can see the skyline and my granny scarf over my ears

Before we get there we do some walking around.  It was cold out and I had on 5 layers and a scarf!!  We since have gotten a down filled jacket that is much warmer, but listen people up here are nuts!  They are walking around in this low 60 to upper 50 degree weather in freaking short sleeves and shorts! We ate lunch at Frank ‘n’ Dawgs, this is a gourmet hot dog place.  *Side note: I have yet to see any “dirdy wader dawgs” and I’m extremely upset by this!*  Franks was good, they have the best truffle waffle fry anywhere–cooked in truffle oil, sprinkled with truffle salt, then dusted with herbs ground with truffles!  Perfection–dogs aren’t too bad either!

The “Expensive Flea Market” was just that EXPENSIVE!  I think the things we liked started at a grand and very quickly climbed into the 5 digits.  Beautiful stuff but way too much money!

Last but not least on our quest was Oktoberfest!!!  I realized that we weren’t going to get to go to the TX state fair this year, so sad!, and so this was going to be “our” fair.

Chicken on a stick!!

We made the best of it, we had some beer, ate some food.  There was  a super cool band there called Rock Candy and they were awesome.  I danced out of a wind breaker and a fleece pull over.  Colin and I finally left after being there for 2 or 3 hours.  We looked up and it was getting dark, and we remembered the dog….

All in all it was a fun day!

Leaving Oktoberfest

Enjoy the pics!


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