My Papaw

I know I have been MIA the past couple of weeks, and I do apologize.  I’ve been meaning to post pictures of our new place w/o boxes all in it and I haven’t gotten around to it.  I did want to let all you know that we are doing great in Chicago and that in the next few days I will satisfy all curiosity of what we’ve been up to.  I ask for some patience, however.  My grandfather passed away unexpectedly last Wednesday, October the 6th.

He was a great man and he meant a lot to me.  For those of you, who know me really well, know that I often tout that my grandparents raised me and my Papaw was truly my hero.  It was often times his approval that I sought through my choices.  Knowing that Papaw was proud of me went a long way in my little world.   The man taught me to drive, ride a horse, and fix a saddle.  I think I can fix a saddle with a wad of chewing gum and a matchstick—beat that MacGyver!

He often would pick me up from school and he would always be there right when the bell would ring.  This didn’t really give me any time to play with my friends afterwards so I asked him once, “Papaw can you be just a little late tomorrow?”  “Why?”  “I want to play with my friends.”  “Don’t you do that enough at school?”  “Papaw just will you please be a little late?”  “OK.  I’ll try.”  So the next day instead of being there waiting for me to get out, he was pulling up when we got out.  He even asked if he had given me enough time to play with my friends.   But he was always there to pick me up.

Thanksgiving--Papaw with his oldest Daughter and The Baby Girl

He started going to army auctions and army garage sales down in Ft. Polk and he would resell the stuff that he bought.  I begged to get to go with him to an army auction once.  I had been to many animal auctions and enjoyed watching the animals paraded in front of you; I thought the army would do something similar.  I would get to see pieces of some super-secret project that had failed or was no longer in operation.  I was excited to say the least and my imagination went crazy.  I was then upon arriving at the auction and being there for a moment I was severely disappointed.  It was only a bunch of men sitting around and nothing was being shown.  All they did was call out lot numbers and you were just supposed to know what was in that lot number.  Well that was boring.  Put I was there with Papaw, and he didn’t bring a purse

like Mamaw that had food in it or paper or pens.  I was stuck, but I was stuck with Papaw.  He showed me around all the different lots and what he was thinking of bidding on.  I was the only girl there and Papaw made me feel right at home.  I later told my brother, “Funerals are more fun than army auctions, because at least at a funeral you get to eat something!”

Papaw and Mamaw with The "Newest" Member of the family and Me

We made so many memories.  He would say that he could start walking anywhere and be as far ahead of me as he could and I could always catch up to him.  He slayed snakes in my nightmares and once saved me from a runaway pony.  He was not great at making ponytails or putting ribbons in my hair as a child but he did his best.  He woke up my brother every morning with a song and a hot cup of chocolate milk.  He let me sleep right under him as a kid and would help us fall asleep by playing “De Belax Game” and “De Wrom.”

I will miss him so much, but he was such a great influence on my life.  He helped instill in me some of my morals and the way I see the world.  He did so much in his life, some things I will never even know about.  He was funny and charismatic and he would let you know how handsome he was.  Papaw you will be missed, but one day we will see you again!


We look forward to as Pastor Jo Bob said, "In the Morning."


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