Chicago: The new Antartica

Us at Millennium Park

Ok so my husband lovingly charmed me with tails of a city that has tons of stuff to do, tons of theatre, great public transportation and great food.  He spoke of the dog beach close to our apartment and how Kalie could play and play, and how beautiful the lake is and how our little neighborhood has so much going on.  Oh how he told of the wonder and glee that is Chicago–in the SUMMER!!  My darling husband did fail to mention the bitter cold, the icebergs in Lake Michigan, the wind that feels like knives against your skin and the fact that 40 degrees is downright balmy to a native!


He conveniently left out the fact that my hands would get so cold that my phone couldn’t

Colin integrating himself into Chicago

register their touch; he did not explain that my feet would be in a constant state of numb from the time I walked out the front door till I walked back in at night.  He forgot to explain that unless you have a cushy office job it doesn’t make a difference what you are wearing UNDER your down-filled-double-insulated-with-a-reflective-layer-to-help-reflect-your-body-heat-back-on-your-body jacket.  Chicago as I have come to live in it is actually the new Antartica.

People keep screaming about saving the planet and “No more global warming” bull.  I have decided that my position on such politics is:  BRING ON GLOBAL WARMING!!!  If global warming means that A) Chicago has more “mild winters”  I’m all for it, B) My toes stay a nice peach color cause it’s so “warm” outside I’m all for it, and C) I can actually wear a “normal” amount of layering in the winter time again I’m all for it.  Bring on the Global Warming, polar bears you’re just gonna have to deal with it!

Colin though I wasn't paying attention...but I was

In all seriousness, Chicago is freaking cold and I’m not appreciative, however I do LOVE Chicago and I do enjoy being with my husband.  I am learning all sorts of new things about how to stay warm and since I am in sales I tuck into tons of business merely to warm up!  I think in 5 years we are going to go open a B&B in Fiji, cause it doesn’t snow there!

Us with the Chicago school

Colin is still loving his job and all his co-workers.  I am really excited about my job and love everybody I work with.  I even had my first sale last week!  I was the Rock Star of the office for about 5min cause as we all know in sales: You’re only as good as your last sale!  We are getting a new office which is uber exciting.  Right now we have 10 of us squeezing into 200sq ft of office space!  It gets super tight but on the up side, we all know each other really well.

We are coming back to Texas for Thanksgiving!  Yeah!  I have told my grandmother that I don’t want the temp to drop one stitch below 50, it can be as wet as it wants to be but not a drop below 50.  All you Texans who think you want a “cold winter Holiday season”–trust me you don’t, I promise!  Or if you think I’m lying come baby sit my dog for a few days and I’ll trade with you.  We did put our X-mas tree up early this year.  I didn’t want to have to worry about it with Colin’s sporadic schedule.  It’s a tad bit odd having a Christmas tree up before T-giving, but I don’t have to worry about it next weekend when Colin has to work.

So I have learned that some of you don’t care what I write about on here you just want to see pictures so take note I’ve incorporated some photos that really don’t have much to do with anything this blog is saying but it does make it look really pretty.

Colin loves this pic...he thinks it is cute

I hope ya’ll are all having the time of your lives.  I miss TX and all my family, I think everyone should come and see me for Christmas b/c we will be here in Chicago….all alone.  OH!  That is another point I want to address.  So we are coming home for T-giving, but we won’t be going home for X-Mas.  So has anybody ever done X-mas away from family before?  What did you do?  More importantly what did you eat!? Or really WHERE did you eat?!  I don’t have the room to prep and store food, much less a mini Christmas feast for us, so we are thinking that we are going to have to go to a hotel for X-mas.  How sad is that?  So any suggestions would be welcome!  Hope all ya’ll enjoyed the random pics 😉


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  1. pamgalloway

    GREAT article! Love your writing! And I have done a more solitary Christmas. Actually, it was nice. I pre-planned things I wanted to do: nap, lunch, sightsee, catch up on TV and film entertainment, nap, dine, enjoy my carefully selected gifts so as to maximize the quiet, read, nap, soak in a hot bath, video gaming, sipped tea and snacked ….did I mention napping?…. Well, you get the idea. I think this is wonderful that you and your new husband have your first Christmas as a married couple just to yourselves. I also think it’s wonderful you’re coming to Mamaw’s for Thanksgiving; can’t wait to see you and Colin. I love you, Leighanna.

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