Thanksgiving: Rowe/Ferguson/Thompson/Galloway/Ross/Cumbie Style

Amy, Donna, Mamaw, Momma and JP Laughing

Alright so this is awesome that I am getting to write about my Thanksgiving in the SAME weekend that it actually happened!!  So Colin and I flew in late (around 11.00) to DFW and then we drove to the farm, putting us in around 3am.  We fell straight to sleep at Mamaw’s, but just because you get to sleep doesn’t mean that you actually get to sleep long.  The kids wake up at 6 and then they go wild through the house!   Mamaw’s house is an old wooden house–top to bottom it’s made of  wooden planks–and when those boys, and well anybody for that matter, starts running or chasing someone then the whole house gets noisy.  Her house doesn’t sit on a foundation so it echoes when people walk about.

With everybody at Mamaw’s it felt like when I was a kid again.  Mamaw’s house has always been the central hub for everybody.  We all

Donna and I

gather together and spend time with each other.  The house has always been full to the brim with kids in some form, it used to be me, my brother, and Amy.  But now we’ve grown up and Amy has kids and I’m married.  We’ve all come full circle it seems.  Most of us were there.  Adam, my younger brother was not able to come and Matt my cousin had to work in Tulsa, OK and was also not able to attend either.  But also missing this year was Papaw.  This holiday with out Papaw marked the beginning of a year of firsts without the family patriarch.  Sure because of Papaw’s illness it could be argued that he hasn’t really been here with us for a while, but he was.  This year he was with us in spirit, and at least he is in a better place.

Amy cutting more fabric for her scarf

We ate till we dropped and then we walked through the kitchen and ate more.  My mom brought a cool craft this year.  She taught us how to make scarves!  I really enjoyed it!  All the girls were sitting together in Mamaw’s room on her water bed!!  Yeah I know right, a water bed and craft scissors probably NOT the best of ideas.  But there we all were together doing a craft that Momma had brought and all commenting on each others scarves, and which fabric would look best with other fabrics and so forth.  We had great quality family time.  We all came away with a handmade scarf, even Luke’s (my favorite cousin older than 10) girlfriend got one, thanks to me–but he can claim the credit 😉

Colin and I left Friday around noon, and drove back to Dallas to see his mom.

The finished product!

We got in around 3 and got to spend some time with his mother.  Cortney, his sister, and Ryan, Cortney’s husband, were there.  Colin got sick on Friday and ended up sleeping when he could on Friday.  He was so exhausted he made himself sick.  He slept on the way home then when he got to his Mother’s house he slept more.  By Saturday morning he was almost 100% better.  We went shopping with his mother and then he showed Cortney how to import all her wedding photos onto her new computer she bought on Black Friday.

All in all I think it was a successful Thanksgiving.  We all had fun, we all made some memories and we all came back alive.  I look forward to see what Christmas brings and then of course we have our first Anniversary coming up January 1st.  Check out the rest of our pictures in the gallery!



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