Now You’re Back From Outta Space…..


Wow it’s been a while!  That is largely because there is NOTHING to do in Chicago between the months of November and February!  Why Leighanna?  Why is there nothing going on in Chicago?  Well mainly it’s because we are all trying to avoid frost bite, getting blow away (literally) and mainly because when you walk outside the air in your lungs literally freezes, or at least it feels like it does.

No fear my readers, yes all three of you!, Spring is cautiously beginning to visit our windy city.  Yes, she is bringing more wind (so what’s new) and rain, but at least it’s not snow!  The Cumbie’s have some serious fun planned, my friends.  Colin doesn’t know it yet BUT my goal is to go to as many street festivals as humanly possible!  I will be there with camera in tow and hopefully the pooch and husband!  Also, for our 1st Anniversary (I know I’ve been married a whole freaking year!  WOW!) I got Col a deck of walking cards.  The first anniversary is paper or clocks, I went with paper, so this deck will take us to different parts of the city and we will get to walk around.  We’re going to start doing that as well and we will be shooting photos and I’ll be blogging about it as well!

So this is what I’m actually super super excited about!  Colin and I are going to be buying a condo this year!  I thought I’d make it a fun game since I have to go see all these bloody places.  I’m going to post the mls #’s and any photos that I might take as well.  Not to mention I’ll give a blurb about the little neighborhood that the place is in.  Ya’ll comment on them let me know which one is your favorite and what you think.  Remember, for those of you thinking about coming to visit, this will be where you stay when you come up.  If enough people get involved and start to actually participate then I’ll turn it into a little contest, and just like March Madness if  your house bracket wins then you will get a prize!

So let the games begin.  We already have on house on the starting lines.  Colin and I have both seen it and we like it.  So check out the MLS #.  If you don’t know how to look up a house online then you can go to one of the two websites below: or
for the username type in: and the password is mailinator (all lower case).

The Paulina Place
MLS#: 07742596
Where:  Andersonville is easily accessible by both of Chicago’s major north side highways and by public transportation. The neighborhood is bounded roughly by Winnemac (5033 N) to the south, Victoria(5800 N) to the north, Ravenswood (1800 W) to the west, and Magnolia (1250 W) to the east. The heart of Andersonville’s commercial district is Clark and Berwyn (5300 N).
About:  Located in western Edgewater on the North Side of Chicago. Once a sleepy little village made up primarily of Swedishimmigrants, Andersonville is now one of Chicago’s most popular north side neighborhoods. The community is particularly known for its diversity, including a continued Swedish cultural presence led by the Swedish American Museum, the Swedish Bakery and other Swedish delicatessens.[3] A significant number of Middle-Eastern businesses, a new influx of families with children, and a large lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender (LGBT) population all make this a very diverse population. Andersonville is also known for its unique commercial district, made up almost entirely of a variety of independent locally-owned specialty shops, restaurants, and service providers. Andersonville does, however, have a growing number of nationally known chains including a Starbucks Coffee, McDonald’s, Hair Cuttery, The UPS Store, a Subway sandwich shop and a recently opened Potbelly Sandwich Shop.

Ok chickens (I watch a show and this character uses this as a term of endearment.  I love it so I’m giving it a try!)  This is the house that Col and I are comparing all other condos to!  Keep in mind that we don’t have a vehicle now BUT we intend on getting one so we want a parking spot, but for now we utilize public transit so we have to be close to the bus or train.  Also I work down town and Colin works in Licoln Square ( the opposite direction for those unfamiliar with Chi-town).  Look the condo over, let me know what you think.  I’ll talk to all ya’ll later!!


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