So….Here is the Contender!

Ok so as I wrote on Friday we are looking for a house….well Condo actually.  So we have another Condo to throw in the mix!

MLS# 07759148
It’s in Lakeview, just a few streets south of where we live now!  We really like this one.

Now an interesting development happened the other day though.  The Paulina house that I first posted about, has come to us with an offer!  The contractor said that he would buy out our lease, our lease is up in September, if we wanted to buy the Paulina house.  I like the kitchen and especially the granite in the Paulina house, but I don’t like the local so much.  I LOVE where we live right now, close to the Lake and the Park for Kalie.  We can walk to all our favorite places.  The Paulina house is ready to go now though.  They are both Garden Units so that is also something to consider…I hear they don’t resell very well.

Well you check it out and let me know what you think.  Remember you can log onto Redfin, Ziprealty, or Realtor using the username and password mailinator to check out these two MLS #s!


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