Festival Season Has Started!!!

OK so I guess everybody has realized we’re not buying a house….more on that later.  We are however, trying to go to all the festivals that Chicago has to offer this summer.  The first three that Chicago had we didn’t attend.  We were out of town for the Cinco De Mayo festival in  May.  Then the Belmont Music Festival was rained out and Mayfest was a total waste of $15.  This past weekend there 5, but we only made it to three of them!  Here they are below:

Sausage Fest:

10" Italian Sausage

This was the first festival we went to.  It started out rainy and there was short shower storm, but it didn’t last long.  There were several sausage vendors there, but not a lot of people.  Colin picked the vendor that had the most people standing in line waiting to be served.  It was an Italian Sausage stand that boasted that it served 10″ sausage.  Colin tried to tackle it but alas the 10″ sausage won.

June Jam:

Entrance into June Jam

This was more for families.  A lot of kids were there and they were painting faces, there was a bounce house, and bean bag tosses.  There was a band playing but like the street players they lacked a lot to be desired.  Colin wanted to get his face painted since we were going out later that night, but since we showed up at 6:05 and they closed at 6 he was S.O.L.  I used to love getting my face painted!  I would get it painted every time we went to any festival, and then I wouldn’t let Mamaw or Papaw wash the side of my face that had the paint on it.  I would wear it till it all flaked off.

Do Division:

Entrance to Do Division

This one was the closest thing to the type of festivals I’m used to back home.  It was bigger than just a block and while it did have a kiddie section it was not entirely a kiddie fest.  It had double rows of vendors and it had a music stage on each end of the festival.  The first night we got there, there was DJ playing and he was awesome!  There were so many people there you could hardly move.  Since the festival closed at 10 and we went on Saturday evening, most of the vendors were closing and so we had to leave and didn’t get to see everything.  Colin said we could go back so Sunday we met up with one of our friends, Darus!, and went back.

Ryan, Darus, Me and Colin giving Do Division a 2nd go

It was super cool.  Colin got a haircut from a salon that had set up a booth outside their store! There were of course a ton of jewelry vendors, and art vendors.  There was all sorts of food vendors.  They had Jack Daniels ice cream!  Darus tasted it and said it wasn’t very tasty, I declined as I am not a whiskey fan.  One of the interesting food vendors that I am seeing at every festival is the Asian food cart!  We don’t typically see fried rice and chicken satay at the festivals back home!

Overall, we had a blast.  We did miss out on the 57th Street Art festival and the Printer’s Row festival, but we for sure had a packed weekend!  I hope ya’ll enjoy the pics!


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