Festivals Round 2 Part 1

Colin, Sarah and I at Ribfest

So this weekend has been ripe with festivals, and it isn’t helping much that Colin is working on the weekends!  If you’re a friend of mine on FB then you saw the list of festivals this weekend.  But in case you missed it then here it is: Ribfest, Blues Fest, Well St Art Fest, Old Town Art Fest, St Michael’s Block Party and Andersonville’s Midsommer’s Fest.  That’s a lot of festivals.  So here is the first round of festivals that we’ve been to so far.

We went to Ribfest first.  And I know I know what ya’ll are thinking, “Lee Ribfest?! You?!”  Yeah, but I’m married to a man that LOVES meat!  We didn’t get there till it was almost over, but Colin did get two 1/2 slabs and he said they were really good.  I tried the two different sauces and they were both really yummy.  I had a glass of fruit juice, one glass of watermelon one glass of cantelope.  It was so good.  The typical vendors were there selling their wares, sunglasses, dresses that you can wear 15 different ways and of course the Asian food vendors with their fried rice and chicken on a stick.

One slab being cooked up

This is a constant surprise to me.  Back home we don’t have these fried rice stands, but everywhere I go around here they are there.  I don’t know what the fascination is with fried rice and vegetables at a fair.  We can buy it for so little in the restaurant and a plate at a festival is like 8 tickets.  They had a Korean BBQ stand at Ribfest and a Fried Rice Stand at the Wells Street Art Festival (WSAF).

The WSAF was really fun too.  It was bigger like the Do Division fest and covered like 2 1/2 blocks.  They had a Greyhound rescue booth set up and Colin and I both fell in love and almost brought one home.  I think we might have found our next addition to the Cumbie Pack!  We’ll see how it all plays out.  I think it would be great for Kali to have someone to play with during the day and I think Greyhounds are such graceful creatures, plus by rescuing a retired racing dog that insures the purity of the breed plus you still get to rescue a pooch!

Wells Street Art Festival

Anyway back to the festivals….last and least of all was the St. Michael’s block party.  We did get there 45min before it was over, but it was pretty dinky.  They had a really bad cover band playing and barely any booths.  The only cool one was a hat stand, but since we bought hats at Goorin Brothers I like the better quality.

Today we’re off to the Andersonville Sommer’s Fest and hopefully we’ll get to the Blues Festival too… But we’ll see!

Till next time.


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