Aaaandddd We’re BACK!!

So as some of you know we’re back in the good Ol’ South!  Well, we’re in Oklahoma-Tulsa to be exact.  After the grueling Chicago winter, and spending around 2k to come home to visit we decided that we should cut expenses.  AND BOY DID WE CUT!!

I’m posting pictures soon….I promise (it’s not like I don’t have the time) 😉

But just a quick catch up:
A) We really do live in Tulsa now!
1) Reasons we moved back: Weather, Family, Start Thinking (about 4yrs from now) About Kiddos, Cost of Living, Mo’ Money=Mo’ Fun
B) We live in Brookside
C) We bought a car: Red ’07 Mazda CX-7 (She is currently nameless)
D) Colin kept his job and I might keep mine
E) Looking forward to the famous Tulsa State Fair

Pictures coming with more info as soon as I find them!  Also I will write a tribute blog to my Chi-Town Peeps!



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