A walk down Memory Lane…Chicago Style

Darus and Lee

So, we’re finishing up the condo and I am taping out our wall shelves that hold our collage of photographs.  Those of you that came to our place in Chicago know what I’m talking about!  I have have a wall of photos of mainly Colin and I, but since we had our year in Chicago I’m going to go back through and litter them with memories made while in Chi-town.

Britta in a Parka and Micah

While I was strolling down memory lane of the past year, I got misty eyed (except of course when a picture of snow appeared–then I was just thankful!).  So I’m devoting this post to our Chi-Town crew! ***Pictures are in no particular order.  All persons are identified!***

Micah and Mallory--Bank Bestie meet CCC Bestie

As you already see this post is literally crawling with pictures of our friends we made in Chicago.  There were four basic groups and we were lucky enough that for the most part they meshed well with each other.

Lee and Darus--CCC Besties

There was the Bank Bunch.  This was mainly Colin’s co-workers and they all got very close to each other and readily accepted Colin.  They still keep in touch, on a regular basis, aka everyday, even though it is bordering on three weeks since we’ve been gone.  Micah, ironically lived a street north of us and so very conveniently we got to hang out a lot.  I call him and Colin Bank Besties, as they worked at the same branch and they had the same personality.  Britta was the clown of the bunch and very funny.

Colin and Sarah

When we were leaving she came out of the branch crying!  She said, “I didn’t think I would cry, but ya’ll are really leaving.”  Love her!  Greg, worked at a different branch but rounded out the Three Musketeers for the boys!

Micah and Colin--Banking Besties

Then there was the Coolest Chicago Crew or CCC for short.  This group of us met up at a Meet-Up event.  The wildest thing ever!  Meet-Up.com is a website that allows people to create “meet ups” based on points of interest.   An example would be if you love to scrapbook and want to make new friends then you could join a scrap booking meet-up.  So I was working for a client at his bar called Declan’s (now the Official OU Bar in Chicago!), and there was a “meet-up” going on there for people who had just moved to Chicago and were 20-something.  That is where we met Darus and Mallory!  Soon, we were all hanging out and going out and we became the CCC!
We would soon get our 5th member

Lee, Annie and Patrick

Jane-she came to us by way of Darus!

I would say that Darus and I got to be very close.  She originally lived down the street from us and then moved out to Wicker Park!  Darus has an energy about her that I just love and she is always so happy and positive.  She liked to go out and have fun but she didn’t want to sleep half the day away either.  I wish we could have stayed longer so I could have gone rock climbing with her!  I promise Darus one of the first things I’m doing in Tulsa will be to take lessons so we can go climbing!  I would call her

Colin and Micah

my CCC Bestie and Mallory and Colin really hit it off.  They both are into computers and photography and stuff like that.  She is pretty awesome too.  The woman has excellent taste in make-up and clothing!  Mallory was always up for whatever, whenever.  We’d call her or text her and say what we were doing and she would say ok catching a bus meet you there!  Jane just joined the CCC before we left, but she was so fun and funny.  I so enjoyed the short amount of time we had together.  MISS YA’LL BUNCHES CCC!!!

Lee and Sarah--Keepin It Classy

Then we have the Oklahoma Crew, which was Colin, Sarah and I.  Sarah was Colin’s friend in college.  They both graduated from OU and worked at Home Depot together.  I didn’t know that Colin had a friend in Chicago when we moved there, but one night he said, “I should give Sarah a call and see how she is doing.”  He told me all about Sarah, and when I met her we just hit it off so

Sarah, Colin and Mallory--The Ladies Man

well.  I love her and we had great chemistry and she was awesome…well she still IS awesome!  We kept things classy!  And she introduced us to some pretty awesome people in Chicago as well!  Sarah hurry up and come back to Tulsa!!

Colin, Lee and Sarah--The Oklahoma Crew

Then lastly but not least there was the Texas crew, or more to the point the UTD Graduate Crew.  A fellow UTD Theatre student, Annie, that I acted with at UTD posted on her FB that she was going to be in Chicago.  I sent her a note a few weeks later seeing if she was still in town and maybe we could hang out.  Turns out she was in town for the whole summer, and she lived literally 3 buildings down the street from me!!  How crazy is that!

Her boyfriend Patrick, also a UTD grad, had taken a job in Chicago and so bless her heart she had moved up at the beginning of, what in Texas we consider summer.  So Summer for Chicago starts mid July so it was still freezing when she moved up there.  But they adopted a puppy and quickly became one of the crowd!

Colin and Sarah

Looking back through these pictures just makes me miss Chicago so much!  I loved all my friends and I wish I could have brought each and every one of them back to Tulsa with me!  Good news is that we are planning a “Meet-In-The-Middle” outing together.  So St. Luis is kinda in the middle between Chicago and Tulsa, so we were thinking that we could all get together in the middle and hang out in St. Luis for a weekend!  Cool road trip!

Mallory, Colin, Lee and Darus--The CCC

Well I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did, and if you ever stop by the condo you’ll get to see so much more as I’ve added each of them to my Wall of Fame!!


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