The Puppy Formally Known as Cassie!

Borla--Young Cumbie Padawan

Everybody I would love to introduce you to the newest member of the Cumbie clan!  This is Borla Cumbie!  We rescued Borla on September 10th from Woofstock in Jenks, OK.  We have been talking about adopting a playmate for Kali for about a year now and found our addition this past weekend!  She is a 6 month old Boxer/Black Mouth Cur mix, she is very sweet and submissive.  She loves cuddling with Kali and taking all her toys.  She is learning NOT to get on the couch and move Daddy’s shoes into the the living room!  She is doing great at adjusting to her new home!  Pops the makeshift veterinarian, pulled out her 3 stitches that she had from being spade a few weeks ago–she slept through the entire procedure!  Her name was Cassie, but it sounded really close to Kalie and so as not to create any confusion we re-named her Borla!

We are reading a book that Aunt Donna gave us about these monks who live in NY that raise and train German Shepherds.  They say to “Not name your dogs after people, and if you have more than one, don’t name them names that sound alike.”  So now the Cumbie’s have Kali and Borla.  We invite anybody to come by and meet the young Cumbie Padawan, as she learns the rules of the Cumbie way of life!

Kali and Borla


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