Birthday Boi

Yes I know Colin’s Birthday was forever a go–last weekend!–and I have YET to post pictures!  Well calm down will ya?!  I have pictures but I will say the evening was quite uneventful, unless you count the OU game that night!  I got sick so all we did was go out to eat at a steak house here in Tulsa.  We invited Colin’s best buds but they had to cancel, so it was just us two love birds!

We started the day by me getting Borla early AM duty.  So promptly at 4am Borla woke up and wanted to do God knows what–I made her go pee!  Then again at 6 am Borla was done with the whole “sleeping-in” concept so I grabbed a couple of pillows and ushered the girls out of the bedroom so Col could sleep in late.  I fell asleep on the couch and threatened them both with their lives if they woke me up before at least 7.30.  I would like to say that I have pretty obedient fur children as they did NOT directly wake me up but instead proceeded to rough house….loudly…..right beside the couch…..

Seeing that sleep was not an option for me (oh to be the birthday boy) I crept back into the bedroom, my husband sound asleep looking so peaceful, so restful—resisting the urge to pounce like a 6 year-old on Christmas morning I found my glasses and quietly pulled the door to behind me.  I watched all my shows–Grey’s, Private Practice, Being Erica…all the ones Colin doesn’t enjoy while he slept.

When he woke up he asked where his coffee was, oh bless his heart!, and I told him that last night he said he wanted to go out for Brunch.  So we dressed, caged the dog, and off we unabashedly went to the biggest drug pin in Tulsa–Starbucks!  Once armed with our addiction we drove on to Brookside By Day or BBD to all you locals.  We ate a great breakfast, drank our coffee and then Colin decided we needed to go “Garage Saling!”  We had a simple quest in mind: Find the dogs more stuffies.  They enjoy eating stuffed animals and they had torn the last two to bits–literally, my house was littered with rabbit ears, legs and arms.

We found several garage sales, and on our third unsuspecting visitors, Colin stopped in his tracks.  There they were, they sung out to him, outlined in this bright white aura, they seemed to float off the chest they were sitting on and toward Colin.  “Pick Me!” they seemed to sing, and Colin made a bee line to three unknowing teddy bears.  They were cute bears (notice the word “were”) you could tell some child had loved them, slept with them, and told them all their childhood secrets.  Colin had a mischievous twinkle in his eye as he picked up one of the teddies that was dressed in a purple gown.  Catching my attention he held the bear up, nodded and winked.  At that precise moment the woman hosting the garage sale spoke, “Those bears need a good home.  They just want to be loved!”  It was all I could do to not gafaw.  “Baby they are only $1 each.  Let’s get them, she said they need a home.”  I noticed how he omitted the word “loving” from his statement.  “Are you sure?”  I asked–knowing the bears’ fate was going to be far from “loving.”

“If you buy all three I’ll sell them to you for $2!”
“Oh good, I’m so glad they are going to a good home!”
“Yes ma’am they will be very much appreciated!”

I have to admit I felt a tad guilty, driving these poor, obviously well loved teddy’s to their deaths, but not Colin–he laughed and felt like it was triumph over Walgreen’s inflated stuffy prices!  “I knew I didn’t have to pay at least $10 per stuffy!  I love garage sales!”

The bears were a huge hit, and I think two are still holding on…one was gone in the first 15min of being in the dogs’ possession.

That afternoon Colin watched a movie while I took a nap, I was beginning to feel my cold coming on.  Then he took a nap while I watched tv, it was a very lazy afternoon.  All the while those poor bears were being “well loved” by Kali and Borla.

Around 6.30 we got the news that both Col’s friends had cancelled and so we changed the reservation and went just the two of us.  We ordered a round of raw oysters to salute our dear friend that introduced us to them–Darus.  He had an awesome steak, with truffle mashed potatoes and okra.  I had a delicious salad with squash and brussel sprout leaves.  We finished with Bread Pudding.  It was all very good and we will go back.

I’ll post pictures tonight when I get home!

Thanks to everybody for the birthday cards and wishes.  We love you all!


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