Nibbley Bits + Art + Party Bus = A Really Good Time

Tulsa Young Professionals + The Cumbies

When Colin moved our family of 3, at the time, back to Oklahoma I saw it as a chance to get involved.  It was my opportunity to get published in the back of local magazines where pretty people showed up to pretty events and get their pretty little pictures taken.  Selfish and conceited I know but I figure Tulsa is small enough—if my mouth can’t get me in the back of some magazine then really there is no hope!

In the Philbrook Gardens

Ok…so actually us joining the Tulsa Young Professionals had nothing to do with pictures in magazines and newspapers, it had a more humble motive—I promise!  Quite frankly I was concerned that having just spent a year in a bumping city—albeit a frozen bumping city—like Chicago I was going become very bored very quickly.  What better way to get involved and make friends then hang out with a bunch a people your age living in the same city!

When you become a part of TYPros, as they like to be called, you can be a passive member just taking part in activities OR you can join a group, or crew as they like to call them.  You guessed it, we joined a crew, but joining mind you just means that you show up and get as involved as you want, if you want to be an influence—make a difference i.e get your picture taken, well that my friend, that is a three track that I plan on tackling next year!  (You’re gonna be even less surprised when I tell you what crew we joined!) We had choices of crews, Government, Environment, Business and then there is the Social Crew!  Yes everyone we are part of the Social Crew!!  We get to help plan parties!!  HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT!!!

Event #1

At our first meeting of the TYPros they discussed a little event called an Art Crawl!  Think pub crawl but galleries instead of bars.  The event was described like this:

“So guys we have this really awesome opportunity.  We are going to do an Art Crawl.  We are going to visit three galleries here in Tulsa and the galleries are going to open their doors to us to look at their collections. (This sounds fun right! But there has to be a catch!)  There will be some food and wine and beer. (Now it sounds even better—but still waiting for the catch—like the price to attend!)  We have also acquired two party buses that will be taking us from one gallery to another and then back to the original gallery. (Sweet!!  And the price…..) There are only 100 spots so everybody needs to reserve their spot quickly.  (Still waiting…) Oh and I almost forgot—it’s all free and open bar! (BLOODY HELL!!! This is awesome!)”

Ok so Colin at this point sat up and started paying attention!  I swear all he heard was “Party Bus” and “Open Bar!”  So I made a point to be sure to RSVP.  The next day I send off our RSVP and we get monthly updates from TYPros about the event and it filled up rather quickly, so I was glad we RSVP’d.

On the party bus--don't you LOVE the zebra print?!

The Art Crawl

Two days before the Art Crawl I remember it suddenly and thought that we had missed it—we hadn’t so I was relieved.  The day before, we start talking about it again and Colin mentions that it isn’t the art show I had RSVP’d to (Next/Now Art Show—yes they had 2 art events in the same week!).  He kept telling me it was the “Art Crawl” and I thought it was the Next/Now Art Show.  I check my email and I had RSVP’d to the wrong art event!  I quickly sent an RSVP to the coordinator and hoping that people cancelled and we could by some miracle get in.  Thankfully we had actually been added to the correct RSVP list and I was emailed back and told that we were indeed on the list to get in to the show!

The Night of The Art Crawl

First on our stop was the M.A. Doran Gallery.  It is located right on Peoria and few blocks from our house.  It was raining so we didn’t walk down to it but instead drove, I know very un-Chicagoian of us.  It was a great gallery and one that I had never been in before, but they have some great work on display and Colin has decided that he wants to become a patron of the arts.  They had some great nibbley bits and only white wine.  Col doesn’t drink white wine so I drank a glass for me and one for him!

We were then directed to the Party busses where we were greeted with beer, white wine, and red wine.  Colin was thankful for the beer!  We were whisked away to our next destination:  the Philbrook Museum.  The Philbrook has always been one of my favorites in Tulsa as it has beautiful gardens and it is an exquisite house.  They have traveling Renaissance collection right now that is truly wonderful and made me miss the Art Institute in Chi-Town.  They fed us cheese and crackers and red and white wine.  I took a glass of white wine and Colin had a glass of red.  Once we ate, made merriment and investigated, with some haste, their traveling and permanent collections; we were once again ushered onto the bus.

Our final stop for the evening was the Sherwin Miller Jewish Museum.  Now, I don’t know if it was because it was our final stop or because they provided us with a full open bar but the Jews gave us a full spread of goodies to eat.  Colin had a salmon sandwich, there were also spinach pastries, gazpacho, fruit, cheesecake, puff pastry balls, chocolate cake—it was amazing!  There were two Warhol photographers there that were taking pictures of everybody and they will make them Warhol-like.  We missed out on that cause the bus was leaving us….

Off to another museum

The Next Morning….

All in all it was a great night, a ton of fun and we got to see some museums we’d never seen before!  I really want to go back to the Philbrook and check it out when I’m sober…and less rushed.  The morning after was well, it took two cups of coffee to get us going but it was a great experience!  It was my first time on a party bus!  Enjoy the photos, and thanks to my Aunt Donna for lending me her new Anthropologie Cape Sweater!

Afterwards at the brook for more food and booze


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