I didn’t post a big update after Thanksgiving.  Mainly because for the first time that I can remember the family wasn’t together.  My cousin Luke was in a high school playoff game and my grandmother, God love her, wouldn’t venture to Tulsa.  Also I had the privilege of working on Black Friday.  It was pretty calm at Anthro so it was easy peasy!

I did want to take a moment and post a pre-Christmas post.  Col and I are going down to the farm to visit Mamaw and taking Thing 1 and Thing 2 with us.  I miss her and I wish she would move up here already, but I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon.  We are then getting the wonderful pleasure of visiting with Mrs Pam Hallman and the famous Jay Hallman before Christmas.

To speak the absolute truth I am absolutely giddy over one of the people I consider one of my absolute best friends ever coming into town.  I haven’t seen this woman in almost two years and I miss her so much.  Our lives are on such different paths but when I’m around her I just feel so light and peaceful.  Gosh I wish we could live in the same city again.

Well here in Jesus Land the war of “Merry Christmas” vs “Happy Holidays” is at an all time critical point.  The City is so divided over the two sayings that the city put on a “Holiday Parade.”  It is such a controversial issue here that a group of people, and apparently it was a rather large group of people, thought it was sacrilegious and put on a rivaling “Christmas Parade” on the SAME day at the SAME time!  SERIOUSLY???!!!!!  THAT is what gets your panties in a twist?!

Oh my god!  That’s right I said “god” with a little “g!”  You would think in a town self proclaimed to be the “buckle of the bible belt”  people would actually be tolerant, almost Christ like, of people with differing opinions.  And for the record–this began as a PAGAN HOLIDAY!!!  Jesus was actually born in freaking April!

I say Happy Holiday, because you know what I don’t want anybody left out!  I’ve been left out, I’ve been excluded and forgotten.  It sucks, and feels awful.  I don’t think saying “Happy Holiday” means that I’ve forgotten the “true meaning of Christmas.”  Which by the way is what?? A) mass consumption (B) celebrating the birth of Jesus (even though it’s the wrong month…) or (C) celebrating the Winter Solstice, the actual originating holiday….

I say “Happy Holiday” not to be politically correct, but because I want everybody to feel comfortable, accepted, wanted, and like they belong.  What is so wrong with wanting to not exclude people.  “The Christians always get persecuted, so I’m taking a stand!”  Yeah ok Bubba.  Go read your bible, cause if I’m not mistaken I think Jesus very plainly tells you that choosing that path automatically puts a bulls-eye on your back!  And he lead by example aka he was Tolerant, Forgiving, Inclusive, Merciful, and Loving.

So with that I proudly and quite loudly wish everyone the Best Damn HAPPY HOLIDAY of the world.  I hope you find joy, love and family.  I hope you feel wanted and included during this time.  I wish you warmth, good food, and good company.  I wish you family, if not in the flesh, in the spirit.  But most of all I wish you the merriest holiday.



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