Looking Forward To A Cleaner 2012

Well 2011 was an interesting year…and not just for me!  I mean poor Kourtney, no wait Kim, or was it Khloe—the Kardashian that was only married 72 hours….bless her heart.  And though late in the year, who can forget Governor Perry’s complete and utter nose dive on live national television?!!  If you haven’t seen this one, then seriously you need to go to hulu.com, search SNL, then click on the Emma Stone episode…hilarity cannot begin to describe what will ensue.  PS youtube.com DOES NOT have the original sketch.

Looking out at the lake from the back patio

Okay but seriously, it was the year of “Pintrest”—still can’t figure that one out—epic Twitter hash marks, and the revolving door of Facebook versions.  Who can look back on 2011 and not, if nothing else throw their hands in the air and thank the higher being, you choose to believe in, that it’s all over.  Let us all “come in and know (2012) better man!”  If you watched The Muppet Christmas Carol, congratulations you just got that one!

For us 2011 was truly a whirlwind of activity.  We moved to two different cities and states, I have had 4 different jobs, and Colin even got a promotion!  We made some of the most wonderful friends I could ever hope to find, people that I feel I could call at any moment and any of them would do whatever they could to help me, people I feel that will influence me and be a part of our lives for a very long time.  I miss these people terribly.

Colin at the back door

We conquered a top market city and I learned about a skill that I had no idea I even had!  We moved to a third tier market and after taking a job that was a HUGE learning opportunity and then leaving that job once I had finished learning, I now have an awesome job.  I have also realized some much hidden dreams of mine and possibly even discovered a glimmer of what I want to do when I grow up!

All in all, I think 2011 was a year that had some mistakes, Colin and I both look back and wish we wouldn’t have acted quite so quickly in some areas, but love the decisions we made in other areas.   We are happy that we are where we are and looking forward to the year ahead…

View from the bedroom

Now for the juicy stuff!  For those of you who know us, know that New Years is our Anniversary!  We have been married 2 years and 3 days at the time of posting!  For New Year’s we went up to my Aunt and Uncle’s lake house.  It was so peaceful, and pretty.  The dogs loved it and we truly enjoyed the relaxing get away.  All of these pictures are from the lake house!  YAY on 2 years!  I mean hey we’re just glad we made it past that really difficult first 72 hours…I remember that time in our marriage—there were moments, brief like 3 minutes max, where I just didn’t know…how can you ONLY make it 72 hours!!!???

Getting ready to ride the 4-wheelers and bike

So tell me—what are your resolutions???  I’m so excited about mine!  We all know, and if you didn’t then now your do, how amazingly horrible I am at keeping house.  Well I decided that I wanted to change that!  Don’t laugh, well ok laugh ‘cause I do every time I think about it—I downloaded these “Task Lists” from Martha Stewart!  Crazy right?! So I have my daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks, seasonal tasks and even a Spring Cleaning check list!  I’ve been really good at my day-to-day tasks, and just did the weekly one on Monday.  It took me freaking 2 hours to clean my condo and I STILL forgot some stuff.

She got tired and had to be driven back home

OH and to be certain I don’t lose them, cause I have a habit of doing that too!, I pinned them up to my bulletin board!  I’ll let you know how it all goes.  Also I was going to tell you guys all about Colin’s resolution, but he asked me not to.  So bummer, sorry for the tease on FB!  But I want to hear what you all are going to try and accomplish this upcoming year?

I’m leaving you guys with this picture of Borla on the farm at Christmas time…we should all be this happy with a deer leg!

Borla with her deer leg


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