Breakdown of What P90X Cost Us

So it’s day two and I thought I would go post the breakdown of what we have put into this program.  When we got the nutritional book we quickly realized that it was going to be very expensive to do the whole weekly menu thing.  Plus with an average of 4 actually cooked dishes a day I thought there is no way! I have to work and I can’t get all the weekly cooking done on the weekend.  I posted the website yesterday that gave some good menus and her learning, so I’m going to do the same thing.

He is the breakdown of equipment and stuff that we have in the program:

  • P90X DVDs: Borrowed and we copied the manuals
  • Chin-Up Bars: “Open boxed” ones from academy for $10 each–this is for 2 people remember that as we add this up!
  • Weights: 5lbs for me at $8 each (we got 2) at Target and we borrowed 10lbs from my Aunt
  • Mats, Heart Monitor, and Yoga Block: We didn’t buy that stuff…we might add it in but right now no
  • Blender: Colin researched blenders.  We bought 2 Oster blenders.  You can find the ones we bought online here or at Target.  We are going to order 2 more drink bottles so we can put protein drink in one and recovery drink in another.
  • We also bought a food scale at Bed Bath and Beyond.  It was the biggest loser scale you can find it here, and it was $20 but I had a 20% off coupon.

So the Equipment total is: $112

As for the food and supplement portion, we have decided to do the “Portion” part of the nutritional plan.  Here is how we’re “Bringing It” in the eating department:

  • Sams Run: We had scoped out Sams club last week to see if it was a better savings for the food and we think it will be.  Here is what we bought:
  • Egg beater, a case of V8 (low sodium), 2 bags of frozen fruit, one 6lb bag of boneless skinless chicken breasts, one bag plain salmon, low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt, celery, peanut butter, bocca burgers=$140.  We’re hoping this will last us two weeks, but we’ll see.
  • EAS Whey Protein Powder, we got it at target and it was $20 for 2lbs.  We got one vanilla and one chocolate.
  • Cliff Builder Bars, on sale at Target 6 bars for $6.  The Builder Bar is important as it has 20g of protein per bar.
  • Recovery drink, we bought this one.  We got it in Fruit Punch flavor, but we are waiting for it to be delivered.  Until it gets delivered we’re drinking chocolate milk.  I know I know, but the purpose of a recovery drink is to give your muscles the sugar needed to repair the tears you just put in them.  The formula for this is a 4:1 ratio of sugar/carb to protein.  Promised land Chocolate Milk provides this ratio until Tuesday when our drink gets in.

Our Food Tally is: $216
Grand Total: $328

Remember that a lot of this is for 2 people, and we didn’t buy the P90X program.

P90X is 3 payments of $39.95+shipping ($19.95)+tax= about $140 (here)

So your cost if you had to buy the program would be a tad more.  Bottom line the initial up front cost can be expensive.  So my advice, find somebody that already has the dvds and borrow them!  Oh and PS, Beach Body, the people responsible for this program, do sell their own proprietary protein drink, recovery drink, equipment, vitamins, but there is a huge mark-up in those. PLUS in the videos, they don’t even use some of the equipment that they want you to buy.

I hope this helps anybody thinking of doing it.  Colin and I are sore but still really pumped about the program…it’s only day 2 😉


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