“Rest Week” Re-Defined!

So we are about ready to start Phase 2 of P90X!  Colin carried on while I was sick and so I just joined him when I was well enough.  I think what this will mean is that I will get to enjoy an extra week of working out at the end when he is nice and finished.

So the first 3 weeks Beach Body kicks your tail and then on the 4th week you get a “rest” week in that the entire week focuses a lot on your core…not really much of a rest but any beats having to do Plyometrics!  I have to say that the more I do P90X the more I am astonished by how my body has been able to carry on it’s day to day functions without simply collapsing on the floor!

Plyo will turn your legs into rubber, and even more importantly make you wonder how you’re legs have been able to carry you around all this time.  Just try and squat after a Plyo session!  Better yet try and move without touching every piece of furniture in your home!  Or here is a good one, going to the bathroom takes on a WHOLE new perspective!

What Plyo does for your Leg Self-Esteem, Core Synergistics does for your, well Core Self Esteem!  Watch the Super Bowl was fun last night.  Especially the part where you actually move!  Yea I don’t know if anybody has done “Banana Rolls” but OH MY GOSH!!!  My abs STILL hurt and it’s oh…3 days since I’ve done Synergistics!

I do LOVE Kenpo though, mainly because it passes super quickly AND I once took a Kickboxing class.  But it did nothing to help ease the pain of my abs.  I have found 3 swimsuits that I desperately want, and of course they are all from Anthro!, and as I’m running my body through the ringer I picture them in my head.  I put my before P90X body in them and gross myself out, then when it’s time to “Get My Mind Right!” I picture my after P90X body in them and “Do My Best and Forget the Rest!”

Best news EVER though is that on Friday I get to introduce 2 whole servings of Carbs to my diet!!! YAY!  I will say that Colin and I have decided to modify the diet.  Basically what we are doing is eating off the list and within the “limits” set forth for each phase, BUT we aren’t really eating every 2 hours…it’s just so much food and neither of us has been able to figure out how to plan out how to eat all that food throughout the day.

Colin in my opinion is showing some weight loss, I on the other hand am not!  We grabbed sushi—yes it’s the ONLY meat that I do actually eat—then went to Bed Bath & Beyond.  We don’t have a scale in our home so when we went to BB&B and saw the scales Colin wanted to weigh in.  So the scales showed that he had lost almost 10lbs—and this is within 30 minutes of eating!  So enthused and inspired I decided to weigh, well I stepped on 3 different scales and each one successively weighed me in at increasing weights!  I went from losing 0 pounds to GAINING around 5lbs!!!  I think the scales were defective!

That’s all for now folks!  Have you done P90X?  Did you finish?  Do you want to try it?  Ever tried a weight loss program?  Were you successful?  How long did it take for you to see results?



  1. Rachel

    Don’t worry, Anna! You don’t have that much to lose and men’s metabolisms kick into gear and are much faster than women’s. You’re leaning up and gaining muscle. My philosophy: f$#@ the numbers if I like what I see 🙂
    Just my two cents! Keep at it 😀

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