Before and 30 Days Later Photos

Yeah yeah yeah, I know, 30 days of me doing P90X has long gone, I get that BUT I promised pics.  I was hesitant to post these cause when I looked at the “Before” pictures I was so upset at myself for looking the way I did.

Please note that I don’t necessarily have a realistic body image.  I’m the weird girl that things Twiggy is cute, and would give anything to have her thighs!  I know this might come off as, “Oh listen to the poor little white girl problems.”  So I won’t dramatize it, but I say all that to say THIS: please please please, if you comment be nice.  If you don’t feel constructive then, just don’t comment.

OH also before I get into the nitty gritty–I am scantily clad!  So if you got kiddos in the room or think a woman in a bra is naked–close your eyes 😉

Without much ado–on with the show!

Colin and I decided to do P90X in January.  We started January 17th I believe. Here is the back story on our decision.  As I’ve said all along–I just wanted to look pretty naked, I don’t know why but this phrase always makes me want to sing “I feel pretty, oh so pretty!”.  So below are my “Before and 30 Days Later” photos.  If you remember here is where I talked about my frustration with the scales!


Before Front

30 Days Later













Before Left Side

30 Days Later













Before from Behind (Sorry for the tag)

30 Days Later













Well I have to say that when I saw these I was pretty surprised.  I had been complaining to my P90X coach Irais that I didn’t think I had been losing any weight.  I can’t wait to see what 60 days look like!!

I have to say that I owe a lot of this to my husband as he does a great job during our workouts at keeping me pumped up.  He is great at keeping me encouraged and motivated!  Well, I’m excited and can’t wait till April!

When was the last time you attempted something and the out come was more than you expected?  Have you ever had a dramatic make-over?  Did you like it?












  1. Tim

    Impressive…truly. I was skeptical about the program and yeah, I see people drinking the kool-aid, but never people I know personally….I think you’ve sold me on trying it out…and scantily clad. I’ve been in theatre with you….that’s casually dress Friday.

  2. Kristina Provinsal

    Awesome! I am on rest/ stretch day week 2 today and start week 3 tomorrow! Love seeing before and after photos and notice that the biggest difference is the 30-60 days and then the 60-90! Can’t wait to see what you do! 🙂 Congrats on all your hard work! Its tough stuff man!

    • cumbiedays

      That’s awesome Kristina! It’s a great program, if you want a coach Irais is great! She makes herself available to offer support and answer questions, plus she’s free! I LOVE rest week! It was tough going from rest week to Phase 2 and I’m not feeling the same as I did after Phase 1 so I might try to extend Phase 2…who knows.

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