Must Have Food

So this morning…5.30 this morning we drug our bodies out of bed and did Kenpo X.  If you’ve never seen or have never done Kenpo X, think Tae Bo, but so much more.  I used to take a kick boxing class when I started college.  When I signed up for it my Aunt  (everybody should follow this link to her FB page and post loving things! Then I can tell her I made her famous!! lol) giggled.  I was pumped and ready to kick some…ace?…and be totally transformed into a smokin hot Italian weapon of mass destruction….well I didn’t become the Italian version of Columbiana, BUT I did learn some very basic fighting stances AND even better, I almost had to call my Aunt to come to school to help me get into my car to drive home.  For the first couple of weeks walking was hard but I lost a few inches and gained an…ACE!

Fast forward many years and now here we are leap year 2012 doing Kenpo at 5.30 in the AM…Kenpo IS NOT an early morning work out!  Tony is WAY too excited, and he’s asking WAY TOO much of me and my body is begging loudly to return to the once horizontal position.  The only advantage to working out in the AM is that it makes it SO much easier to let my mind wonder and think about everything else I have to do that day, week, month…That’s as quiet as my mind gets.

My husband after the workout was wondering around sans shirt and I noticed a dramatic difference!  He didn’t believe me so we pulled up the disastrous before photos and compared.  If you want true motivation—take a look at where you were 48 days ago!

What does ANY of this have to do with food?!  Glad you asked!  Lately we have gotten into a P90X  rut.  We eat steamed veggies, pasta and for him a slab of salmon.  Boca burgers are quickly losing their charm and tofu is a pain in the ….ACE to press, marinate and then cook.  PLUS I can down an entire block of tofu before my veggies are done!  Oh Sam’s Club why don’t you carry tofu in bulk?

I went to my trusty P90X recipe woman and scoured her ‘peas but didn’t find anything that the hubs would sink his teeth into…I tried to sell him on her mushroom pizza and he gave me a look then said, “Mushrooms ARE NOT pizza!”  I want to say, “They are if you aren’t eating carbs!”  Plus they look so freaking delish!  So after scouring the world wide inter-web I remembered my nutritional guide so we’re doing things full blown P90X style!

On the agenda is:

Italian Meatloaf—why do men LOVE meatloaf?  What is it about a loaf of meat that gets their motors running?  PS I’m half way considering subbing tempeh for the ground turkey…any suggestions on cooking tempeh anybody?

Shrimp Pompodor—my man will eat anything that consists of noodles and meat!  We might choose to use chicken instead as it is cheaper!

Pear Granola Muffins—this is all me.  I want something I can heat up and put honey on and dream of cream cheese frosting…

Oatmeal Pancakes—I got this one off a forum…I think it will be a great way for him to start the day.  He has to work and I’m volunteering!  If you are coming to Wine Women and Shoes in Tulsa–I’ll be there!

Tacos—before p90X this was our #1 go to meal!  We loved it.  We miss it and now since we can eat more than one carb we are eating tacos again dang it!

Lo-mien—I’m gonna try to find a lo mien recipe out there, I love stir fry and really anything Asian, I blame Chicago and having SO MANY great Asian restaurants in walking distance.

Well it sounds like I’m gonna be a busy little bee this weekend!  Can’t wait to share successes and pictures!  What is your go to meal?  What is your one indulgence?  What’s your favorite thing to cook?  Have a kick ACE P90X recipe?  Please share with me!


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