Last week was hectic to say the least.  It was the week that just didn’t quit.

The weekend of the 18th we went to Dallas and went to Ikea to get dressers. Colin had been living literally out of boxes so YAY now we have dressers. We ALSO went and got new bedding!! No more sleeping on his old college sheets.  That’s right we’ve been married going on 3 years and still using his old bachelor sheets! We got the comforter at Anthro (I have a huge obsession with that store) and the sheets at Macy’s by Martha Stewart.  If you go to the link, it’s the purple one..the blue one was on sale!

Yay new dressers! Thanks Ikea

The next week, I had to work at my second job, I work part time at Anthropologie–at my full-time job I’m typically around a bunch of guys so this way I get to converse with girls!  Plus you can’t beat this discount! I was only scheduled to work one day that week and was “on call” for two other days, so I ended up working all three!

New Comforter!

Every night I have to work at Anthro we workout in the AM so it’s a 5.30 morning.  We decided that we’ll just workout early, it makes the end of the day so much better!  Then last weekend we got to go to my Step-Brother-In-Law’s wedding reception (that was a mouth full)!  So we got up early on the weekends and worked out.  I was so glad for today to just relax.

This is my idea of a great night! REST!!

I’m taking the night off to kinda update the look of the blog, so hang with me as I get everything settled and fixed.  Tomorrow its back to work!  I’ll see you guys tomorrow fresh off a great Stretch X as tomorrow starts REST WEEK!!


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