P90X Recipe–Salmon and Pasta

Wednesday we went grocery shopping.  In addition to our typical frozen chicken, salmon, veggies and fruit, we bought enough extra stuff for me to make some awesome P90X approved meals.  Most of these are meals that I got from the nutrition guide.  Today we are going to review Salmon Pomodoro today.  This dish originally calls for Shrimp, but we didn’t want to buy a whole bag of frozen shrimp.

The directions tell you how to make one, that’s it just one (1).  That’s right one whole serving.  I love P90X and I totally get that not everybody is cooking for more than one person, and I also completely understand that Tony Horton doesn’t cook but instead have his meals delivered.  BUT I am married, I work 2 jobs, I have 2 dogs, and I don’t have time to make 2 different dinners–one for him and one for me.  So I had to get innovative.  I took the recipe for the Level 3 portion of the nutrition plan and multiplied by random numbers.

At first I was using my cans of diced tomatoes as my guide for how much to multiply the other stuff by and it worked for the most part.  I don’t like basil, at least not quite as much as I have added to this recipe so next time I might cut it back–more on that later.  Friday morning as I was brushing my teeth I realized that I could have used my food weigh-er to weigh the amount of pasta I was using and the whole meal might have been more simple, aka less math!  I hope it’s not old age… 😉

Finished Product--It smelled so good!

Here is the “Single” recipe for Shrimp Pomodoro the bold is what the original recipe called for, my notes and changes are in parenthesis:
1T olive oil —–(I used 4)
1T chopped garlic —–(I used jarred chopped garlic.  We buy it in huge jars at the store and I used 2 T of that)
2T ff (fat-free) chicken broth —–(that’s right I said chicken broth.  It wasn’t until I got home from the store at 8.30 that I realized I had grabbed the wrong box–I would sub this with Veggie broth.  Next time!)
.5 c diced tomato —–(I used 2 14.5 oz cans)
2oz whole wheat pasta —–(I have this little tool that has different sized holes in it and Colin says the numbers represent serving size.  I used the hole that said 4)
12oz medium shrimp, uncooked —–(or…1 frzn salmon fillet)
2T basil —–(I used 4–should used 2, or 1–lot of basil)
(This is NOT part of the original recipe, but this farm girl can hardly cook anything with out adding garlic, onion, and butter.  P90X has ended the butter but they can’t take away my onion powder!!! I added 4T onion powder)

Cook pasta.
Saute garlic and olive oil in pan until garlic is browned.
Empty cans (or add diced tomatoes) to garlic mixture, including juice if using cans.
Add broth and simmer for 5-10 minutes until tomatoes are done.
Add shrimp to pan and cook for several more minutes, until shrimp are opaque.
Add basil and toss shrimp mixture with cooked pasta**.
**I put my water on to boil then when I added my pasta I started this sauce and by the time the red gravy had thickened a tad and was simmering the pasta was done.  I also cooked my basil in with the gravy so that the tomatoes would absorb the flavor.

My Supper--Sans Shrimp or Salmon

As you remember we didn’t use shrimp, so I cooked the pasta and red gravy like the directions said and baked Colin’s salmon in the oven.

Colin's Supper!

I think next time I will lessen the basil and be certain to read carefully the broth box!  If we weren’t on such a tight budget then I would have gone back and bought another box, but alas I had already blown through the amount I told Colin I thought it would be–I’m horrible at guessing stuff like that–so I sucked it up and ate a bowl and he can have the rest!….

Stay tuned for Oatmeal Pancakes, Pear and Granola Muffins, and some P90X worthy Chicken Parmesan!!!


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