More Pictures….well tomorrow at least!

Tomorrow marks day 60 of our 90 day quest.  That means I get to strip down and show what I’ve lost…and gained.  It also means that rest week is over….sad.

Like I said yesterday, I don’t feel like I’ve lost THAT much between days 30 to 60, but I don’t have a scale so I can’t tell you pounds, and I haven’t taken any measurements so I can’t give you any of that either….but what I have are pictures!  And, well, they say they are worth a 1,000 words!

I want to re-visit the Pear Muffins, here is the recipe.  Aren’t they delish?!  Well I didn’t put them in the fridge, and our house has been pretty warm, and I think they went down hill yesterday.  Colin did manage to eat 10 of them in 6 days.  Words of wisdom–but these bad little boys in the fridge, if they make it that long 😉

I leave you today with a photo of the dogs working out with us!

Colin trying to come out of frog, Kali and Borla giving moral support

Never one to pass up on an opportunity to "help" Kali found the perfect spot during cat stretch


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