Monday–Fun Day

Not a long post today.  Just a quick little bit and I question for you guys.  On Saturday, Colin and I went shopping.  We were pricing stuff out for the next step in our body renovation quest…more on that later 😉 .

Back to the shopping.  We went to Sam’s Club, and they had all these samples.  They typically like to had out samples that contain meat so I don’t eat them.  This one lady was handing out samples of Activia yogurt.  We weren’t going to eat it at first cause it wasn’t fat free but we decided to give it a go.

OMG as Colin and I ate the little sample cups of full fat yogurt we were absolutely enthralled.  Eating that little bit of full fat yogurt was a tiny bit of absolute heaven.  It felt like a kid getting an ice cream or a treat.  It was so good and so rich.  I had forgotten what full fat yogurt tasted like!  I told Colin that we should start buying full fat yogurt from now on….he said no.  It was such a good treat.

Here’s the question–do ya’ll want to see the 3 pic comparison?  Day 1 Day 30 and Day 60 all side by side?  One of the blog readers requested it so I thought I’d see if there were others that wanted to see that.  Let me know and if you do I could arrange that.

I hope you have a great Monday!


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