Vacation Planning

One of my all time favorite things to do is plan vacations.  I get SO into it!!  In fact before Colin and I got married, I apparently “won” a trip someplace but we had to go sit through a sales pitch first.  Colin thought that it was hilarious that I wanted to go, but I was hell bent on getting that free vaca!  Well, we went and it didn’t turn out so hot.  One of the first sentences out of the guys mouth was something about expensive air fair.  I couldn’t help myself.  I raised my hand.  Colin covered his face and tried to scoot far away from me.  When the guy asked if I had a question I said, “No, but if you’re having trouble finding good air fair pricing I can help you.”  I guess I caught him off guard, and Colin touched my arm and said, “No honey air fair is part of his pitch, just let him talk.”

“But I know a great place to find super cheap airline tickets!” I countered.  The poor sales associate should have just hung up his coat there.  It was over, he was too young to even realize that I was in process of hijacking his captured audience’s attention and shifting it in another direction.  (That’s really bad to let happen if you aren’t in sales.  It greatly diminishes your chances of an actual sale.)

“Do you really know where to find cheap air fair?” asked by a woman in the audience.  That one question was all I needed to get up on my soap box and give a little lesson on how to find cheap air fair.  “No seriously.  I know the best places to look!”

“You aren’t talking about Orbitz are you?” now we have 3 people participating.  There were only about 8 of us in the class total.  “Welcome aboard Air Leighanna.  It’s a straight flight directly to Cuba where there will be no sales pitches!  Sit back relax and enjoy the flight!”

So this went on and on for about 20 min, keep in mind when the company called to tell us we had “won” we were told that we would not have to listen to a pitch that took longer than 45 min!  I finally disclosed my secret website, spelling it out for the lady that was taking notes, (it’s by the way) and the poor sales man was left to fly through his pitch in under 25 min.  After he closed, I had more people coming up to me to ask for vacation tips than he did for people to buy time shares, or whatever he was selling—maybe it was pots and pans….

My point is:  the Cumbie clan is going on vacation, and I’m desperately trying to plan it.  We wanted to go to Costa Rica (but the timing is off–middle of the rainy season!), can’t do the Caribbean due to hurricane season, Italy was my next obvious choice (obviously!!!) but Colin doesn’t wan to spend 2x the initial budget he gave me.  Something about paying off debt–silly boy 😉 .

I think we’re going to check out Portland for 4 days and then check out LA or Denver for 3-4 days…..any suggestions?  Or “can’t miss places” to visit in any of those cities?


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