….Day *sigh* 75…..

I’ve not been around the past couple of days.  Mostly cause I haven’t generated any new recipes to give you guys and because I’ve felt a little discouraged.

90 days is long time.  I didn’t realize it until last Friday.  This week of working out has been particularly difficult for me.  Today marks day 75 and the other day I looked at my husband and said, “I’m so ready to just be done.”  That’s how I feel–done.  I’ve gotten amazing results, haven’t lost a single pound though!, and I’ve gained some ab definition and a very small bicep–well I guess 2 very small biceps.

For the last 30 days Colin and I have really decided to push harder than we have the past 60 and really take ourselves to our, new found breaking point.  So every workout we go to the max and we love that, but for some reason my motivation has become zilch.  A few weeks ago Colin and I were uber pumped about working out and we were so excited about what we were going to do on day 91.  We thought about tackling P90X2 (we already have the videos and nutrition plans–thanks again John!) but it looks like it’s gonna cost us another 350 to get all the stuff to be able to do P90X2–medicine balls are freaking expensive!!

Enjoy this break in my complaining but looking at this picture:

Kenpo X Quad Stretch...and Kalie cheering Dad on!

BUT instead of starting another program, I think we’re gonna keep doing P90X for an additional 2 weeks after our 90 day stop time.  I have a family reunion on the 1st Saturday of May, and lets just say that I am desperately trying to “out run” certain genetic traits that tend to happen to us Rowe women…three words “cottage cheese thighs”…*shudders*.


I don’t know how many of you have embarked on an extreme workout program and how you handled the physical demands.  But it seems in all the promo videos they forget to tell you that while “committing” to P90 you are also committing to 90 days of total exhaustion and…well celibacy!  I think that deserves a warning of some kind.  Especially to still freshly married couple….2 years is still newly married!  My poor husband…heck poor me too!  The other night we decided that we were going to go to bed early and at least get in three good kisses before we passed out.  Well we got into bed and he kissed me and then starting rubbing my hand and my arm.  We kissed the second time and it wasn’t too exciting.  He whispers in his over exaggerated southern accent, “Dar-lin’, you sme-iall like fine dimands.”  I said, “Diamonds don’t smell.”  And then I remember waking up–the next morning!! So much for 3 kisses!!  So after the family reunion I think we’re gonna take 2 weeks to “not be exhausted,” then jump on another program.  Maybe Turbo Fire or Insanity–but that guy scares me….no lie!

What do you do when you’re exhausted…for real exhausted?  What are some programs that you have done and loved?  What do you do when you feel demotivated?

Kenpo X Quad Stretch....with support

Those two don’t let a moment pass where they might get attention…


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