In the Words of Al Greene–Let’s Stay Together….

Bet you thought I was gone for good peoples—you were wrong. And no I have NOT abandoned my little baby of a blog BUT I have been super busy and frankly exhausted so pardon the absence but let’s kiss and make up shall we? I have so much to talk about! And don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about 90 Day Photos!
First of all I’m expanding! Nooooo not as in I’m with child (thank you to all things holy) not that I don’t like little people but I just don’t want them…and I really don’t want them inside of me…for a very very very very long time (still trying to convice Col that all those “very”s could equal forever!)
I’m expanding my topics. I’m going to expand this thing called Cumbie Days and give it a focused effort. No random posting. If it’s about food—it’ll go under the food tab, if it’s about working out—it’ll go under the working out tab, also if it’s about fashion—well you get the idea.

Second of all….I have a very important announcement to make! Wonder what it could be????? Especially since we just dispelled any thoughts of me wanting to get preggers!

Ok guess!

Well it requires some back story and I guess I can give you that—not today though—Colin and I are going to renew our vows! Wopeeeee!

So you know what means?! That’s right I have yet another blog that you can follow! I will document all my little money saving tips cause baby we’re throwing one hell of a party–on a budget! Woot woot! (and yes I did just “raise the roof” a little when I typed and said out loud “woot woot”!)

Be prepped now to see some changings happening and sometimes the posts might be brief and sometimes they are gonna just point straight to the wedding site!
I love ya, thanks for sticking with me and it’s gonna be an awesome ride.


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