The Road to Hell

How does that saying go?

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions?”

Well I had all the intentions in world this past weekend of going to the City to try on gowns and finishing up some center pieces.  But instead I spent half a day Friday and Sunday and ALL DAY Saturday in the hospital.

It is true that this time could have been spent to write a week’s worth of posts but mostly it was spent fighting a headache, nausea and an IV.  FYI if you ever have to into the hospital try to do it at Baylor in Dallas!  They are awesome!  And very liberal with the pain meds.

I had a bad trip on Benedryl, pushed through the IV port, and Adavan!  For those who don’t know my I am EXTREMELY claustrophobic!  Let me reinterate–EXTREMELY!!! The Adavan which was supposed to be a sedative turned out to be a rage inducing psychotic….

Anyway I’m home and according to the MRI and MRA I just have some sinus issues.  All that to say I didn’t do my homework and I don’t have anything written.  I’m going to go fill scripts, and mentally prep myself as I get 3 days of Lovonox shots……

I really hate this part of my life!


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