Friday & Saturday….There Might be a Fitness Picture….

1st things 1st all you fitness junkies.  I see that you guys much prefer my posts when I mention the word bra or bribe you guys with fitness pictures…

So Friday night we did 2 things–I know we are daring, we are unpredictable, we are adventurous, we are getting old and there isn’t much to do in Tulsa, OK.  Not only did we work out we also went to a High School football game!  We were really really busy.

Football game was awesome.  My cousin plays for a large high school in Tulsa called Jenks.  They are a 6A high school and they played a large rival on Friday night.  Last year Broken Arrow High School won but it was in large part due to the refs.  And I think they had the same refs back this year.  It was absolutely astounding to watch a game where the refs so blatantly favored the other team!  At the 3rd quarter, BA had yet to score and Jenks had 17 on the board.  In an attempt to help BA out the refs walked the team down the field. BA did get on the board, and the final score was 7 to 24 Jenks.  It was a very exciting game. Too bad BA couldn’t just play it straight.

Our work out on Friday was intense! BUT the cool thing is while my body is still in revolt I think my muscles are starting to remember P90X.  Colin always tells me that muscles remember from the last time you worked out, so I think my muscles are starting to remember.  I wasn’t as tired as I was before….we’ll see if it bites me in the a** later.

Saturday was the BEST work out ever!! It was a recovery workout, which for those of you who don’t know the Beachbody way with intense workouts there is a “Recovery Day.”  On a recovery day the workout is a lot of stretching and breathing and just generally helping your body recover.  It is awesome and it typically comes at just the right time in the workout sequence.

Sunday just says “Pure Cardio” oooohhhh my body.  Well I guess we’ll just have to see.

So did anybody go and do any comparisons between when I started P90X and Insanity?  Did I gain all the weight back? Did I gain more back?  I looked and couldn’t tell–tell me tell me.

See the photos below and let me know…

P90X 1st Photo









Insanity Day 1












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