LUCY You Got Some S’Plainin’ To Do!!

Soooooooooooooo I have some very very interesting stats to reveal!

1st blog post with body pictures on them yielded 45 views.
2nd blog post with out body pictures yielded 12 views.
3rd blog post with body pictures yielded 49 views.

I think I’ve finally figured out what you guys want.  You LOVE pictures of my rent house carpet!! I think my next post will be just of my carpet….think of all the views I will get! 😉

PS just so you know I now feel extremely guilty when I don’t add a photo, so I’m going to start adding random ones.

Sunday was “Pure Cardio.”  I think it was mislabeled.  It was more like “Pure Hell.”  It was hard (of course it’s a workout program) and I sweated like a pig…well like a pig would if it could. I looked like I was about to die and I prayed to the great and speech troubled Shaun T, “Please MAKE-IT-STOP!” He replied with “Dig deeper! Don’t forget about your core!”

Hey did any of your guys try to do the fit test?

PS: Random photos will start manana (that’s tomorrow in Spanish).


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