Monday or The Day Before We Were “Off”… choose

Monday saw a return to the whole Plyo-Cardio-Circuit-run-your-body-to-a-limp-mass-of-sweat-day.  After doing Pure Cardio which is NOT interval training, I found it difficult to switch in my head that we weren’t doing each exercise for a whole minute.

I did however make it through the Warm-Up sans stopping and gripping my heart, so that was cool.  We were really looking forward to Tuesday, and I know we were both worn out.

I should tape us working out one night.  We get through the warm up and it’s just Shaun T talking, then we go into stretching and Borla and Kalie think that in THAT moment they should help and lick ALL the sweat off of us….yeah trying to stretch out your hams while a boxer puppy is all in your face is NOT cool.  I hear, “BORLA! No! I am not doing this for you……NO Borla.  I’m NOT playing with you.  Kalie NO I didnt’ call you-BORLA! Kal–NO.”  I laugh inside.

Then we sweat like we are trying to fill the oceans! The closer we get to the end the more vocal we get.  “You’re doing great baby. Look at your form! You are so awesome!  You’re killing it!  You GOT THIS!”  And occasionally there are some battle cries.

The whole time we’re working out the dogs sleep. Which personally I find rude. Like I’m working my butt off, I want to sleep!

Then cool down comes and we are drip-ping in sweat. Borla just senses that we are so exhausted we can’t fight her off and bathes us, literally bathes us in her huge tongue.  We have 0 energy left so we can’t push her off, and she knows this.  Kalie isn’t far behind seeing we are too wiped to even fight her off.

I think Beach Body should consider adding a dog/puppy or two to their Warm-Up and Cool-Down.  Then we call fight off tongues together!

Wednesday starts week 2 people!


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