This Is What’s Up

I’ve been MIA recently.  There are some exciting things going on in the Cumbie clan.  First things first, are we still working out? Do I still want to be the next big pole dancer? Kinda and maybe…

We did stop working out.  We had some scheduling issues.  So when C and I work out typically I’m the one with the will power to get us out of bed at 5AM and he’s the one that keeps us in front of the tv for an hour sweating our butts off.   Well some things started to transpire and C couldn’t get up at 5AM anymore.  C’s daily routine is still wonky and so he can no longer commit to being my workout partner.  But I still want to get my butt into kick ass shape.

I know 2 things about myself when it comes to working out.  I cannot do it alone.  I’ve tried, I’ve failed.  Oh and just going to a gym to be around people doesn’t count—mainly because I don’t know what to do at a gym.  Also I loathe running.  I feel like I should only run if someone is chasing me….i do’t like my knees to hurt that badly and I really really really don’t like shin splints.  What does work for me are classes.  I do really well with classes.  For whatever reason I have a sense of accountability and if I freaking paid for it, I’m for sure going to participate.

So what does all that mean? Well lovecats it means that I bought a groupon!  That’s right.  I bought a groupon for a bootcamp.  I get 15 sessions, 3 days a week.  On my off days I haven’t decided if I’m going to join a gym that has great classes, do some Tracy Anderson, or do Plyometrics.  I am going to do Ab ripper.  I’ll let you know.

In other news I’ll be changing the blog look a little. I’m going to add a workout tab and a show tab.  What’s a show tab you ask, well if you follow me on instagram then you know I auditioned for a show.  It’s called “Boeing Boeing” and I will be playing Gretchen.  It was made into a movie with Tony Curtis, but the movie is really nothing like the show.  I will be a German flight hostess for Lufthansa.  I am also the “sex appeal” of the show, or as the director said, “The reason the audience wants to come see it.”  Would love for everybody to come and see it, it is going to be hilarious.  It’s set in the ‘60’s there aren’t any direct sexual moves but there are a lot of innuendos…also there is a lot of kissing in the end.  Dates are May 10th-18th.  Let us know if you want to come see it and if you’re coming from out of town then you might be able to stay with us (we have an extra room).

Hope ya’ll have a great week, I’m in Little Rock this week….should be fun!



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