Would You Like One Too?

Soooooooooooooo, my wonderful Mother-in-Law gave me the opportunity to make my own lapboard.

What is a lapboard you ask? Well here is a photo of mine.

my lapboard


So a lapboard is basically a board that you set in your lab…..get it….lap-board…..

Now I got to thinking, don’t worry I didn’t hurt myself! BUT I was thinking how useful these things could be to new High School students, new High School grads about to embark on the college experience! Or really anybody that uses their laptop not only at a desk.

The board protects your legs from getting hot, allows the laptop to breathe (and keeps it cooler) and provides a stable place to rest the laptop. It can also be used while laying in bed and doing homework!

Here is the run down–
They can be ANY color scheme
They can be decorated ANY way (High School Mascot, College Mascot, Pro Team, favorite activity, words, pictures–you name it)
They have a resin top that lasts YEARS–literally my MIL still has one she made for her daughter 12 years ago!!
They can also have a “bean bag” bottom so that it’s cushy around your legs.

I know what you’re thinking, “That’s great Lee, but how much?”
That wasn’t what you were thinking?  Well you should be thinking that cause they make GREAT gifts!!!

One lapboard fully customized to your specs** BUT without a bean bag bottom is: $50 (+ shipping)
One lapboard full customized to your specs** BUT with a bean bag bottom is: $65 (+ shipping)

Discounts available to those who order multiples!

If you want 1, 2, or 20 please email me: leighannacumbie at gmail dot com (spelled out to cut down on robots.)  OR you can comment below with your contact info.  Once contacted I will then send you a form to fill out and we’ll get it started this will help me understand your “specs.”

**customized to your specs is within the scope of the information provided.


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