Day 1 (Or January 6th)

I don’t know how far ahead I’ll write then post so for now I’ll date as I go.

Went to bed last night late….well 11ish late. Had trouble falling asleep—my mind goes bananas. Got up not as early as I was hoping. I have this nasty habit of sleeping as late as C does sometimes….ugh it throws the day.

He worked out with me. Apparently I have an upper respiratory infection trying to set in, as I was hacking up some gruesome stuff.  In other news I am also REALLY out of shape….I blame driving as much as a trucker. Also I only was able to keep up with “modified” version of the workout….I blame the “respiratory infection.”

I liked getting it done in 25 minutes, I also liked that my calves and glutes got increasingly sore as the day went on. Why? Well after completing P90X I am accustomed to the pains of intense workouts, I like it. It tells me that I have moved my body sufficiently enough to anger the fat gods.

I was/am skeptical of the results that can happen with only 25 minutes a day. I am NOT the type to halfway do an at home workout though. My typical cycle is to push until my heart monitor is beeping at me (and by heart monitor I mean C, and by beeping I mean using his strong manly voice) then slow it down a little to appease said HRM (read C), and then begin to climb again.

Day 1 is Cardio. Shaun always starts with a move and then he progresses the move along and then he builds on the move. Example:
Step1: High knees march
Step 2: High knees jog
Step 3: Runners Stance then sprint for x seconds
Step 4: Die

By the time my day ended it hurt to move any of my lower body. Workout success!


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