Day 2 (January 7th)

Welcome to Speed 1.0

I liked this one. This one is “all about the core and motion control.” So we start out with the progression of moves and then we get up to speed then when you think, “I’m done” he stops and you stretch. C said this is growing your recovery rate. I guess that’s cool.

I still did the modified version (this does not make me happy) and I still coughed up crap (this time we added colors…gross I know). I pushed till it hurt to breathe then went back to working out with the baby lady. The gal that does the modified moves just had a baby….

I felt downright awful when I couldn’t keep up with the “one legged wonder” in P90X, now my workout skill level is on par with a woman who has just given birth! I don’t know if that’s an improvement or not.

Food wise not much to tell. Yesterday’s food journal:
Recovery Drink (In Tony Horton’s words, “The reason we work out.”)
Tacos no meat for lunch (We made these at home so they only had one spoonful of rice, no tortillas, no chips, no fat cheese and no fat SC)
Handful of nuts as a snack (grow up boys)
Homemade Roast, carrots, and baby potatos (this was small bowl, maybe 1.5 cups)
Handful of grapes

I know nothing fancy….no shakes no anything.


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