About Us

There is a lot to know “About Us!”  Here is just a sneek peak in the crazy cool world of this tiny Cumbie Clan:

–Since 2008, when we got together, we have lived in 3 different cities.  At one point in a 3 year span we lived in 3 different cities in 3 different states!
–We have 2 very different but very cool fur children!  They are Kalie and Borla.  One is a Lab-mix and the other is a Boxer-mix.  There were both rescued and for now we feel our quiver is full!
–We LOVE to travel, and we try to take vacations as often as possible.  Sometimes I wish I could be a travel blogger, but after reading a lot of travel blogs, I’m getting second thoughts!
–I LOVE to cook, but more importantly I LOVE to bake!  I often think that my ultimate bliss would be for us to retire on an island and run a B&B!  Col could handle the financial side and I would quickly become famous for my baked goodies!!!
–I grew up on a farm and Col was raised in the City.
–We are EXACT opposites!  Completely!  While that sometimes causes friction, it also brings out the absolute best in both of us.
–I truly love Colin more than anything, and I know that he thinks the world of me!
–We miss our Coolest Chicago Crew buds, and are always on the constant look out to find new friends to add to our circle.

This blog started out as a way for our family to keep up with us, but it has and I hope it continues to grow and change into more.  How cool would it be to be known not only for my mad baking skills but also for my writing skills?!

I hope you all enjoy the journey with us, we try out some crazy-ness on the regular.  Welcome take a look around and enjoy yourself!

–Colin and Leighanna


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