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America It’s Your Turn To Vote

Ok so I didn’t get quite the response I was hoping for the last time I did a….”Make Your Vote Count” campaign with WordPress, but not to fear I didn’t learn my lesson so we’re giving it another go!!

GUESS WHAT!!!?????  “What?” you ask!  Colin and I are gonna go on a one week trip next year, (we’re thinking end of April) but I’m having a hard time deciding WHERE to go for one week.

This is your cue!

Where should we go, and please keep in mind that we are adventurous!  Hand down in the back we’ve already BEEN to South Korea 😉  I was thinking Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand or the Philippines.  OR to completely put this on it’s head South America (we all know how much we LOVE coffee!!).  Can you get arrested for smuggling coffee into the US?????

So TALK TO ME PEOPLE and help me figure out where to go!  We’re gonna fly outta DFW on a Friday and we want to come back on a Friday (definition of one week there for all you sleepy folks!).  We have one week, so the most we could see is one….maybe two cities.  Oh no China….I don’t wanna go to China….or Tibet (not THAT big-a-fan of ramen!)

“What’s in for me Lee?”

“I’m glad you asked, you inquisitive reader you!”  How bout if we choose your suggested place of destination, you and a friend can accompany us on our journey!

BUT WAIT there’s more!!

If you can’t come, don’t wanna come, or really think this is just ridiculous…..ok well not the last one but at least if you’re the first two–we’ll bring you back a goodie!  Scouts honor, and we pick out good goodies!

So talk to me America!!

Where In The World Should The Cumbie’s Go?!
(sung to the tune of where in the world is carmen sandiago)