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Day 4 (Or January 9th, Or the Day My Body Quit Me)

Ok, I bow down to the great and wonderful Shaun T! I will never again think that something as “easy” as 25 minutes a day will be easy….I was wrong Shaun you are right!

Today of all days is Abs. I forgot all the things my abs are attached to in my body. I forgot how many seemingly benign movements require the use of my core. I forgot what it was like to feel every giggle, breath, stair, really movement is what triggers the pain right now.

Abs is a GREAT workout and I have no doubt that by the end of this month (if I can quit baby lady and do the grown up moves) I WILL HAVE more defined abs. I just hope my abs stick around to watch that happen.

In the video (or bideo if you are a yong Adam Gallowy) you spend most of your time on the ground. Which I really like as I was dog tired. So you’re on the floor workin hard, maybe a few choice words come out, breathing cause if ya stop it really hurts, and then suddenly Shaun’s all “Let’s sprint it out!” Those people (in the video) get on their feet WAY to fast (a) pre-coffe, (b) after putting their abs through a quite harsh interrogation, (c) to maintain energy for the rest of the 25 minutes! I honestly think P90X’s ab workout is easier!

So we have very harshly interrogated our abs, maybe even got a little physical, then we “change pace” and start sprinting—for the cardio—then we squat, deep and low. We do the cardio/squat bit for about a minute, ya know to give the abs the impression that we were finished. Ya know walk out of the interrogation room “make ‘em sweat” type thing….only literally making you sweat. Anyway well now we are back to ask more questions, except now it’s all Gitmo in here. My abs, they are sore, and they gave up every last ounce of resistance….

Tomorrow is a double…that means it’s 50 minutes!


Picture Day (Or The Day I Humiliate Myself….to Three People)

Today is the day where we get to compare before and afters. Yes I know there is no after of this particular quest, well not yet anyway. So what are we comparing? We are comparing P90X with current day….

Fair warning to all who look you ARE NOT about to see a photoshopped model….you are about to see the real me….typically with no make-up…..

So how I’m gonna break these down is you will see three pics. One is when I started P90X (I believe that was 2012), when I finished-ish, and finally now.


Day 1

P90X Day 1

Day 60

P90X Day 60


Day 1….again

Right Side:

Day 1

P90X Day 1

Day 60

Day 60


Day 1….again

Back…LQR….so LQR

Day 1

P90X Day 1

Day 60 (what is it with the bra tags hanging out?!)

Day 60 (what is it with the bra tags hanging out?!)


Day 1…again (plus NO bra tag!)

Left Side….

P90X Day 1

P90X Day 1


Day 60

Day 1...again

Day 1…again

So the positives are:
#1) I got a proper set of workout clothes.
#2) My hair grows at an abnormal rate.
#3)……I don’t think I got any bigger than when I started…..

This is gonna be difficult….158 days to go!

159 Days & Counting (As of Jan 6th)

I don’t know how many of you know this but I am in sales. To some that won’t really come as a surprise to others, well SURPRISE!!!

I sell lube for a living…go ahead laugh…its funny, real funny. Ok ya back? Great. So the kicker: it isn’t THAT kinda lube, it’s grease, oil and other maintenance products. I sell primarily to the O&G companies, trucking companies and construction companies. Mainly anybody that has a maintenance department—I sell to those guys. You might also be aware that the O&G business is doing pretty well. It’s actually doing REALLY well. And so the monies trickle down to lil’ ‘ol me…

What you DON’T know is I have almost clinched the deal, earning a trip in June to the beach for my expert salesman-ly qualities (no I don’t care if you call me a salesman! Get over it!). So how that little trickle down effect has effected the Cumbie clan is 2 fold:
A-I’m no longer in the same shape I was after P90 ( I was going to link back to that post but apparently we didn’t take day 90 pics….what was wrong with us!)
B-I’m clear….as in skin color.

The second can be solved with a bottle of tanning lotion the first, well the first requires me to sweat….like a race horse!

Another kicker: I work long hours 90% of the time (7a-7p) and I spend roughly 2 weeks a month away from home. OH PS we are also buying a house, I am in a show, I am in Junior League, Turning 30 in April, and Mayday (aka family reunion) all stand in my way to deter me from a straight shot to a beach worthy body…..

This is where the blog comes in, it was EXTREMELY helpful in our P90 journey to help keep me accountable to all 3 of you who read this, and since hindsight is 20/20 I am asking for your help again!

I’m going to try another Beach Body product. It is Shaun T’s Focus 25. It gives me 25 min of intensity. I only have to do it 5 days a week, with an optional stretch day (I say it’s optional). As far as food I’m just gonna eat healthy and limit carbs. My Dr. has asked that I up my Salmon intake (worst meat ever) so we’ll see how that goes, and sadly I’m going to be integrating more lean meat into my diet. And by more I mean I’m going to go from 0 meat to maybe some chicken from the co-op once a week…..and then salmon once a week (she says begrudgingly). It’s a long story and maybe one day I’ll divulge.

I’ll take some before and after pictures….see what Shaun T does with this body in 28 days….

February remains undecided, so I’m up for suggestions….I have a friend that teaches a beach body class and a pole dancing class. Those should get my abs going right? Maybe a thigh gap?

Just a Naked Chic

Ok well almost naked. These posts always seem to get the most attention, and so I feel extra pressure to be witty and what not.

In case you’re just tuning in, C and I are on a quest to long term wellness.  And we feel the first step is to do P90X Doubles. What prompted such a change you might ask yourself? Was it the scary texts from Dr. M? No, well not really, although I want my husband to have high cholesterol as much as the next gal (in other words I don’t want him to have high cholesterol).

It’s just not as funny if you have to explain it….

We I am doing this cause I want to be able to throw my body around “like a ragdoll” as C says.  If you haven’t you should definitely check out the videos I posted yesterday. No seriously they are of two pole dancers…yeah see now you want to go look, go ahead, I’ll wait for ya. C just wants to get bigger…

So without further ado, here are the photos. I know I’m a long way from the dancers, BUT this is where I am not and that’s what we’re dealing with.  Hey do you think it matters that those dancers are like 5’2” and I’m 5’10”……NAH surely not!

Front Pose

Front Pose










Front--Arms Up

Front–Arms Up


Right Side

Right Side (Trying to think skinny thoughts)


Back–ugh (insert deprecating remark here…)



























Back--Arms Up

Back–Arms Up










Left Side

Left Side










Sooooooo there ya go. I know I know BUT things will get better…I hope.


I Want To Be THIS Girl….

Ok so I know that she is like 5’2 with 7 feet worth of Daddy issues BUT my gosh is that child in control of her body!

Recent Conversation:

Lee: Hey Col, will you watch this for a sec….puhleeeeeeaze
Col: What is it?
Lee: It’s a pole dancer. I want to be able to do this.
Col: Pole dance?…uh…no. We pay Amy a lot of money so you don’t have to go work out those issues with a pole!
Lee: Just watch.
Col: Shit! She’s really good.
Lee: My point….made! How do I get to be able to do that?
Col: It’ll take longer than 90 days.

I could say p’wned here but I shall not.  After discussing the length of time and method and what muscles this girl is wielding we decided the inevitable.  We are both becoming pole dancers!

JK…but seriouisly….no really jk….but really we are beginning a new journey in our lives.

See about 2 weeks later we had an annual check-up and the texts with my Dr went like this:
Dr. M: Your cholesterol was up, which shocked me, but I’m worried that Colin’s was even higher than last years.
Lee: Bummer
Dr. M: You need to cut back on all that Southern Cooking!
Lee: I’m sorry Dr. M your—bre—-ing—p. Ca—b—ck—lat—click. Well technically there was no click as this was a text convo BUT you get the point.

So in our my attempt to enable me to be able to do things with my body liken unto a ragdoll, and in an effort to keep my husband alive we are committing to the following:

90 days of P90X Doubles, then 60 days of me doing Insanity and possibly Colin doing Beast. Then, finally if I stick it out for 150 days, Colin said I could take a pole dancing class!

You know what this means, more ½ naked photos. Check it out, tomorrow is the first set, AND I even bought special fitness clothes to model in—no more bra and undies!

Monday or The Day Before We Were “Off”…..you choose

Monday saw a return to the whole Plyo-Cardio-Circuit-run-your-body-to-a-limp-mass-of-sweat-day.  After doing Pure Cardio which is NOT interval training, I found it difficult to switch in my head that we weren’t doing each exercise for a whole minute.

I did however make it through the Warm-Up sans stopping and gripping my heart, so that was cool.  We were really looking forward to Tuesday, and I know we were both worn out.

I should tape us working out one night.  We get through the warm up and it’s just Shaun T talking, then we go into stretching and Borla and Kalie think that in THAT moment they should help and lick ALL the sweat off of us….yeah trying to stretch out your hams while a boxer puppy is all in your face is NOT cool.  I hear, “BORLA! No! I am not doing this for you……NO Borla.  I’m NOT playing with you.  Kalie NO I didnt’ call you-BORLA! Kal–NO.”  I laugh inside.

Then we sweat like we are trying to fill the oceans! The closer we get to the end the more vocal we get.  “You’re doing great baby. Look at your form! You are so awesome!  You’re killing it!  You GOT THIS!”  And occasionally there are some battle cries.

The whole time we’re working out the dogs sleep. Which personally I find rude. Like I’m working my butt off, I want to sleep!

Then cool down comes and we are drip-ping in sweat. Borla just senses that we are so exhausted we can’t fight her off and bathes us, literally bathes us in her huge tongue.  We have 0 energy left so we can’t push her off, and she knows this.  Kalie isn’t far behind seeing we are too wiped to even fight her off.

I think Beach Body should consider adding a dog/puppy or two to their Warm-Up and Cool-Down.  Then we call fight off tongues together!

Wednesday starts week 2 people!

1/2 Way to Glory

So we are officially half way finished with P90X!!!  MAN this has been an interesting road to hoe (yes, I’m from a farm…I have actually used a hoe before).  I feel great and I’ve learned a lot!  Let’s see here are some highlights:

1.  Food–I’ve learned to look at food differently.  I used to have the worst eating habits, and that’s putting it mildly.  I still don’t think that I have a realistic (aka mentally healthy) view on food, but at least I can eat more than once a day and not hate myself for it!

2.  Myself–I have learned that I am bossy!  I think I already knew this but apparently I feel the need to “help” my husband more than he feels he might need “help!”  I have also learned that I desperately need my husband to work out with!  I say this cause, when I feel like I’m at the end of my rope, I call out Colin’s name and he knows exactly what to say.  If we have 10 seconds or less in a particular exercise, he starts counting down, if that is not the happy case then he sends encouragement my way.  Love that man!

3.  Tony Horton–I do believe this man is on some form of stimulant!  Who, in the name of all things holy, is that excited EVERY time we work out, and for a whole HOUR of working out?  Tony I love you, but sometimes I have to remind myself.

5.  “It’s not about falling, it’s about getting back up.”–Colin Cumbie

6.  I just might sign up for another round!

There isn’t anything new about working out that I didn’t already know.  I knew it would be hard.  To go from fat to model ready in 90 days is certain to be the opposite of easy!  I’ve loved watching my body change and each week adding a pull-up or two (still assisted!) to my reps.  I can even almost do a whole pull up sans chair!

So if you’re thinking about P90X here are some words of wisdom from 1/2 way through [(I know I like lists…but I tend to lose them) And apparently it’s random facts about Lee today!!]:

1.  I know a great coach!  Use her–she helps!
2.  “Get Your Mind Right!” I know, I know…but seriously.  Come ready to work and when it gets tough, let your mind wander to how fab you are going to look in a swim suit!
3.  You CAN DO THIS! You can show up, everyday and push hard, everyday!  I know you can.  And I know you will do amazing.
4.  No lie–this is a commitment.  So commit already!

What was something hard that you tried?  Have you ever been pushed?  Have you ever pushed yourself?  What did you learn?