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Bi-Income Family People!!

Ok so the Cumbie clan finally did it!  We are officially a bi-income family.

Colin is taking care of all the banking needs of the people in Lincoln Square.  He is a personal banker at Chase Bank.  He is really really enjoying his job and the career track that Chase offers.  His new Manager is wonderful and I love all the fun adventures that Colin tells me about when he gets home.  He says that he loves working with everybody in his branch and they are all super nice…he even works with a famous person!  No lie, Brad from a past season of the Bachelorette works with him!  But sorry ladies Brad is now taken, but he is every bit as sweet in person as he was on TV.

I work for the coolest “new to Chicago” company I’ve ever heard of!  It’s called locallife.com and we are a local online directory, internet marketing firm, and we are even the largest custom design web firm in the country!  We designed over 6,000 fully customized (no templates here!) websites last year alone!  I just started but love our down town location and everybody I work with!  They are all so nice and helpful.  We have already out grown our current office and they are looking for a new home for us!  I’m excited to begin a new career in sales, but more importantly I am honestly really excited about the product I am selling.  What is also super cool is that since they just opened the Chicago office in July my territory is practically untouched and we get the freedom to grow them ourselves.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we are excited to go home and see family.  We will be in Dallas on Friday and Saturday for all the Dallas crew, if anybody wants to connect and grab a beer or go shopping!

Till next time world–