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I didn’t post a big update after Thanksgiving.  Mainly because for the first time that I can remember the family wasn’t together.  My cousin Luke was in a high school playoff game and my grandmother, God love her, wouldn’t venture to Tulsa.  Also I had the privilege of working on Black Friday.  It was pretty calm at Anthro so it was easy peasy!

I did want to take a moment and post a pre-Christmas post.  Col and I are going down to the farm to visit Mamaw and taking Thing 1 and Thing 2 with us.  I miss her and I wish she would move up here already, but I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon.  We are then getting the wonderful pleasure of visiting with Mrs Pam Hallman and the famous Jay Hallman before Christmas.

To speak the absolute truth I am absolutely giddy over one of the people I consider one of my absolute best friends ever coming into town.  I haven’t seen this woman in almost two years and I miss her so much.  Our lives are on such different paths but when I’m around her I just feel so light and peaceful.  Gosh I wish we could live in the same city again.

Well here in Jesus Land the war of “Merry Christmas” vs “Happy Holidays” is at an all time critical point.  The City is so divided over the two sayings that the city put on a “Holiday Parade.”  It is such a controversial issue here that a group of people, and apparently it was a rather large group of people, thought it was sacrilegious and put on a rivaling “Christmas Parade” on the SAME day at the SAME time!  SERIOUSLY???!!!!!  THAT is what gets your panties in a twist?!

Oh my god!  That’s right I said “god” with a little “g!”  You would think in a town self proclaimed to be the “buckle of the bible belt”  people would actually be tolerant, almost Christ like, of people with differing opinions.  And for the record–this began as a PAGAN HOLIDAY!!!  Jesus was actually born in freaking April!

I say Happy Holiday, because you know what I don’t want anybody left out!  I’ve been left out, I’ve been excluded and forgotten.  It sucks, and feels awful.  I don’t think saying “Happy Holiday” means that I’ve forgotten the “true meaning of Christmas.”  Which by the way is what?? A) mass consumption (B) celebrating the birth of Jesus (even though it’s the wrong month…) or (C) celebrating the Winter Solstice, the actual originating holiday….

I say “Happy Holiday” not to be politically correct, but because I want everybody to feel comfortable, accepted, wanted, and like they belong.  What is so wrong with wanting to not exclude people.  “The Christians always get persecuted, so I’m taking a stand!”  Yeah ok Bubba.  Go read your bible, cause if I’m not mistaken I think Jesus very plainly tells you that choosing that path automatically puts a bulls-eye on your back!  And he lead by example aka he was Tolerant, Forgiving, Inclusive, Merciful, and Loving.

So with that I proudly and quite loudly wish everyone the Best Damn HAPPY HOLIDAY of the world.  I hope you find joy, love and family.  I hope you feel wanted and included during this time.  I wish you warmth, good food, and good company.  I wish you family, if not in the flesh, in the spirit.  But most of all I wish you the merriest holiday.



Christmas Time Is Here


Santa Came By!!

So Christmas went very well.  It was very relaxing and low key.  Colin woke up at 8am and wanted to immediately open presents…so much for sleeping in!  We opened gifts and I got the coolest stuff around people!  Check out the gallery for some pics of us and our awesome gifts.  I made Bunuelos for breakfast; these are the absolute best breakfast goodies I know of.  They are super easy to make, like making pancakes, and Colin and I both are in love with them.

We spent the day on the couch and just hung out.  I bought the winning present of awesomeness.

Bucky Balls!

I bought Colin a Buckyball cube.  This cube is comprised of 216 small magnetic balls and all we did all day was sit and play with them and make shapes and watch videos on all the different shapes we could make.  I bought them for Colin to take to work so he could have them to play with when the job gets slow.  All his co-workers love to play with them as well so they were a huge hit!

YAY!!! Fizzy Water

I got a fizzy water making machine!  So now I can make fizzy water anytime I want, plus I got a food processor AND a immersion blender!  Oh and I got a great wok and he gave 50 gold coins to spend at Etsy.  I have a great husband who got me amazing gifts.

I made breakfast stuffs for us to eat on all day.  Two different Strata’s one with meat for Colin and one sans meat for me, sausage balls for Colin and sausage swirls, I bought a block of cream cheese and some yummy jam and munched on that.  All in all I think it was a great Christmas.

“I really can’t stay…But Baby it’s cold outside…”

So we got our first “real” snow of the season!!  The weather man predicted that it would start snowing Friday night and at 11pm not a single flake was to be seen.  I have to admit there was a pang of disappointment.  I had mentally prepared myself for my first Northern winter snow and was ready to break out my snow boots.  We were expecting 4-6 inches and when by 11 there was 0 white stuff, I thought this is gonna be just like Texas.  Colin just smiled at me and said, “They said it wouldn’t start till midnight.  You’ll gt your snow.”  Colin had to work on Saturday so when the alarm went off he got out of bed and peeked through the blinds….half awake I said, “We didn’t get any did we?”  “Oh no baby he said, we have at least 2 inches and it’s still snowing at 1/2 an inch an hour!”  I smiled inside.  Snow, real live honest to goodness Northern snow.

Our street around 2pm

A tree at the dog park around 12 or 11.45

I got up at 8.30 and researched Colin’s Christmas presents, milled around the house a bit and every once and while I’d check outside to make sure it was still snowing and still sticking…it was!  About 11 ish I took a shower and got dressed, then got Kalie in her coat and shoes (we bought her shoes because the salt solution will burnt he bottom of their feet!) then I bundled up and headed outside.  Kalie was so excited about the new ground covering and let me know quickly that a quick walk across the street would not suffice.  So off to the dog park we went-snow still falling-so Kalie could run off her energy.  She ran off her energy and she even ran out of her shoes!  We decided that the shoes were not for snow but instead for the salt only.

Happy Kal-Bell

After she ran around for a bit we decided to go to Micheals.  I wanted to buy some fabric to use as a tree skirt.  They didn’t have any so we came back home.  I was surprised that it wasn’t that cold, but I think what made it bearable was that the wind was not blowing.  It was cloudy but it wasn’t too cold.  Colin came home after work and we got ready for the OU game.  We played a nervous game against Nebraska, but we won in the end–3 points, we’ll take it.  Here we come Fiesta Bowl.   I think it was a good Saturday.

On the way to Micheals

Back on our street going home

It’s a bit icy now and we are looking forward to another week.  Christmas is coming close and we are desperately looking for a caterer to cater our Christmas dinner–no luck so far!  I wish I could just call James at the Palace and get a great dinner.  I would not onlyknow that I would get a great tasting meal but I know that with James you always get so much food.  If anybody knows of any great caterers in Chicago send me their number.  Hope ya’ll are worm down in Texas and Oklahoma!  TTFN

All is right in the world of Kalie when she finds a stick!

Santa’s Village

Tiny C and ISo last Saturday Colin and I babysat for my cousin.  Wanting to go do something with the boys and not just stay at home we decided to take them to Santa’s Village in Richardson.  While their mother dressed the boys exceedingly warmly, Colin and I were ill prepared and nearly froze!

When we got to their house the youngest, “Tiny C,” as Colin has dubbed him, was asleep.  We nearly woke him up with the doorbell.  I was most concerned with Tiny C thinking that he’d want nothing to do with us and be sad when we left his mom and dad at the house to go see Santa.  His older brother, “Lil’ C,” again a nickname Colin picked, was on his way home from a birthday party.  When Lil’ C got to the house his face was painted half blue and half red!  He was adorable, and a little shy at first.  We don’t get that far north nearly enough for them to not feel a little apprehensive when we come around.

So as Tiny C woke up and Lil’ C warmed up to us we decided we needed to get a move on it so we wouldn’t be lines all night.  So Tiny C got his diaper changed and started putting on layer upon layer of clothing.  At one point his mother made mention that he didn’t match and asked if I cared.  I really didn’t care what the kid wore I was mentally prepping myself for a night of wailing cause we were gonna drive off and leave Mom and Dad.  So Tiny C was ready and Mom had layered up Lil’ C and so we were all heading to the car.  I told Tiny C, “Lets so get in the car so we can see Santa.”  He jumped up and ran to the living room, mentally I’m thinking, “Great, now I’ve done it.  I should have sneakily put him in his car seat and just driven away.”  I follow Tiny C and he stops and in a delighted squeal says, “Wiggles!”  For those who don’t know its a kid show!

He took the empty DVD case and smiling like he had two $100 bills in his hands made a mad dash for the door opened it nearly hitting me in the head.  His side of the van was open and he was climbing in before I could be amazed he wasn’t crying.  This kid sat in his seat found his head phones for the DVD player and turned them on–by himself–and let us know he was ready to watch Blues Clues.  WOW

Lil' C

Getting his height taken

So we made it to Santa’s Village and Lil’ C’s job was to choose which house he wanted to go in so we could get in line.  We saw Mrs Clause, The North Pole’s Hospital, The North Pole’s Pet Shop, The North Pole’s Crime Fighting Center (didn’t know there was crime in the North Pole).  While in line to see McGruff and the Policeman Colin wanted to know on a scale of “Very Important,” “Not Very Important,” and “I Don’t Care” where Lil C fell in terms of getting to see Santa–he fell at “Very Important.”  With that Colin went to stand in line to see Santa.  We joined him right as he was reaching the “60 Minutes From Here” to see Santa sign.

Lil C not being one for pictures had been elusively avoiding them all night.  So the deal was that if we were gonna stand in the freezing cold for an hour he WAS taking a picture and he WAS gonna show his face.  So we did and he did, but he also managed to have a look on his face that seemed to say, “I’m only doing this cause I was told I had too.  So I’m gonna look as unhappy as possible.”  Thanks Lil C!

All in all we had a blast.  Lil’ C passed out on the couch when we got home and Tiny C was off to bed shortly there after.  I love bonding time with my family.  It made me miss another of my lil’ cousins that I used to spend a lot of time with back in the day.  Of course I’m not cool anymore as he is almost 14!  Maybe one day I’ll be cool again and he’ll want to come and visit.

But till then Tiny C and Lil’ C are the two coolest cats around!