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First Post, Decorating Christmas Tree, and Upcoming Wedding

Colin Putting Decorations on Tree

This is our first blog!! Yay I’m so excited to get this up and running. We were attempting to blog on Shutterfly but that didn’t work out so well. So December starts our first month of real blogging!

Colin and I getting uber excited as the days march past us. On New Year’s Eve at midnight Colin and I are tying the knot!! We are having a very small ceremony and will later be having a party for our reception. After we get hitched we’re gonna go to New Orleans for a few days to spend our Honeymoon. We are gonna take loads of pictures and will post them as soon as we download them.

We put our Christmas tree. Its so cute and it’s my first Christmas tree of my very own…well it’s Colin and My tree. It takes up most of our living room. We live in 700sq/ft so the tree is sharing the tight space with us. We put it up in a corner that Kalie (the pup) was using as her bed…she is not appreciative at all! I really want to have Christmas party so I’m gonna start cleaning around the house to hopefully help convince Colin that a party is a great idea…(cross fingers!).

I’m off to pick up Colin after work so we can go meet the man that is gonna marry us…Dr. Certain—you just gotta love his name!